Sunday, 7 March 2010

Re-Start. (From N.Wapiti HQ)

I chatted with Karen this morning and she is happy to report that all the dogs are going crazy and eager to get out of the truck, get to the re-start and hit the trails.
The Musher was a little more 'reserved' but happy to be on her way home (via a few days in the Alaskan wilderness and a little town called Nome).

Everyone here at N.W. is thinking of Her and the Team, and can't wait to catch up with all the stories from the adventure.

X is pleased to be home from the vets just in time to keep an eye on things from the cloud which he has reserved for the next few days (thank you Kara !)
I've had to log onto Iditarod Insider for him so he can monitor progress and get me to pass on any advice to his team mates and the Musher.

We will try to keep you all informed of any information and news as we get it here.

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Barb said...

Thank you, Richard. We are always happy to hear news from the home front! And news from Karen via you and X.