Thursday, 18 March 2010

Team North Wapiti Travels Home (The Cartoonist)

Karen reported that Team North Wapiti is about 90 miles from Canada. They stopped off at Fast Eddies in Tok for some food.

Since she may not have Internet access at the time, she wanted to congratulate Blake Freking:

"By the time I get online again I expect Blake will have crossed the finish line in Nome, again breaking the Siberian record!! Congratulations to Blake, Jenny and all at MCK!!! Way to go!!"

Since I have all of this fancy satellite tracking software, I figured I'd put it to good use and track Karen, Mark, and the Pretty Sled dogs while they travel back home to Canada.

The blue line shows you their route home, and the red line shows their actual path.


Maxine said...

I LOVE the map. Looks like one of my trips.

Pat E in MN said...

Thanks for the update. Did they all take that little dog stop detour or maybe just Barq?

I'm sure glad that pretty truck wasn't in the accident. For those of you who didn't get to see it, Mark did a fantastic job remodeling/sanding/repainting the truck and added some smart new features.

Safe travels! Hope Richard has regained some territory back at NW. That barrel wouldn't be very comfy for long. I can understand why Cricket wanted to sleep in the Nook - nice place!

Huskymom said...

Let me guess why the dog stops are colored yellow.....

MyMukki said...

And I complained about 5 dog stops in 200 miles... takes time for that any pups to write their names in the snow... LOL