Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Karen's Rest in Rainy Pass (by Karen)

I had only intended on staying 6-8 hours in Rainy - mostly for me, as it is usually the first place on the trail I find I can get some sleep!!

Anyway, I did my chores and set up alarm for 2 1/2 hours sleep. When I woke up the room was spinning very drastically. I suspected it was a reaction to a new antibiotic I had started for my hand the day before the race. I called my PA and spoke to her about the side effects I was
experiencing, and she switched me to a backup antibiotic that she had also sent with me - but warned it would take a while for the first drug to clear my system.

It was storming hard now and my head was still spinning so I chose to lay down for a couple more hours.

Finally, Barq came to get me to tell me it was time to leave. Yes, I said Barq.

Tamara Rose opened the door to the mushers sleeping cabin and asked if 'this' belonged to me.

Barq wagged his tail and suggested that he didn't care about my health issues, it was time to get a move on. Apparently he had slipped out of his collar to come track me down.

So we headed out into the storm!


JHen said...

He was ready to go!

Painter Pack said...

A head strong, stubborn husky?? Hmmmp! Woo go boy!

Mya Boo Boo

Gery Allan said...

That cartoon is totally hilarious!

The Thundering Herd said...

Yes, Penny, that is how I pictured it when I read the post.

Mary Uhlir said...

So that answers the mystery! I saw the picture of Rocket dancing taken at Rainy Pass and saw an empty collar and tag. I was so worried as I know dogs are never seperated from their tags. Barq must have left it there when he went looking for you.

Nannette Morgan said...

Did Loki give Barq "tourist" education before leaving for AK? LOL!

Glad he found you though!

swordwhale said...

So glad you were in the wilds of AK when the curly tails decided to go for an unchaperoned walk! At least no immediate dangers (like superhighways) for them!

The cartoon rocks!

Tony Torrez said...

It's good that he went looking for you instead of wandering off. But it kind of reminds me of my boy Lexx. When I'm in bed and he thinks I've slept enough, he come and wake me with a cold nose! Gotta love em!

Lydia said...

I really like this blog it is great.. and it keeps me intouch with whats happening in the north, it's been 9 years since i left Alaska and i still long to return.