Friday, 19 March 2010

Status Update (By Richard)

Hi Penny

Tried to upload to Blog from the plant pot, but due to extreme cold and snow falling on the keyboard I couldn't get it to work.

Attempted to enter The Cabin but Cricket was busy e-mailing all the Great Pyr's and Guardian dogs in the area and wouldn't let me in.

Apparently she is trying to form an action group, claiming how unfair it is that they have to spend all night and day out in all weathers fending off bears, coyotes and who knows what else, unarmed, unaided and uninsured and woefully under paid. While the curly tails are all comfy in their nice wooden boxes with nice warm straw beds and the humans are all tucked up under their blankets.

Hope you can pass this onto the outside world for me.


(Had to distract Kara from the inside PC so I could quickly get this message out. Told her the Border Collie had run off with the new pack of Dentastix)

Talk soon I hope.

Richard xx

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