Sunday, 28 March 2010

No Doubt I'm A 'Winter Chick' But..

Make no mistake, I'm a 'Winter Chick'. I love winter. It is 'the season of the sled dog' but more then that I love trees heavy with hoarfrost, blankets of untouched snow covered fields, snowflakes, icicles, the crunch of snow underfoot,polar fleece,winter trails, woodstoves... heck I even love it when it's so cold your nose hairs freeze together when you inhale. I'm a dyed in the wool 'Winter Chick'. Now that we are starting to leave the season behind, I can't help but mourn it's passing.

All day today the skies seemed to be thinking of drizzling rain on us, but just before we started to feed the clouds drifted off exposing a beautiful blue sky. When we finished feeding the kennel it was still daylight (unlike a few months ago when it was dark by 4:30pm), so I gathered my 'chicks' (Kara, Bet and Cricket) and headed down the driveway on a short walk. Bait and Tic joined in, of course. Thanks to the the great job of plowing (funny how that is a chore that never gets overlooked now that we have that fancy tractor) the guys have done all winter the driveway is already pretty dry.
We are still a long way from trees budding or flowers stirring, but deer and moose tracks littered the ground. Things are stirring.
Bait and Bet roared up and down the road chasing each other (yes, Bait chases Bet as much as Bet chases Bait - maybe more). Kara and Cricket explored the remnants of snow drifts and checked out game trails. Tic trotted cautiously behind us all.

When I got to the 'Turn Around Here' sign I stopped and raised my face to the west. A warm wind touched my skin. The sunset reflected onto a few scattered clouds tinging them with hues of pink and orange. To the east the last of the cloud bank floated by.

Yeah, I love winter, but it is sure hard not to be touched by the promise of spring.

The 'Winter Chick'

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TerryLynnJohnson said...

I know what you mean!
Just sent you an email request to use some of your photos on my blog again! (I love your dogs!)