Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Latest on the Hand

Saw my doc yesterday (BTW - I love my doctor. She is a tiny woman that weighs maybe 90lbs, but she is fierce some!!!I am tremendously scared of her and that is how she gets me to get all sorts of testing and exams done - and one of the key reasons I decided it was time to ditch my needle phobia). She feels that opening up my hand at this time would be too risky. Too high a chance of damaging a tendon and permanently loosing movement in my middle fingers.
I've finished my latest course of antibiotics (this is the 4th one I've been on since the injury) and she wants to wait and see what happens in the next 10 days. If there is 'junk' left in the hand, it will abscess and then it will be safer (due to thinner skin and a larger 'bump') to drain it and clean it out.
If the lump is just scar tissue,which is the best case scenario, it will slowly start to decrease in size.

The biggest risk right now is infection. Because I have been on such a cornucopia of antibiotics in the last month if I get an infection now, I will need to be treated on IV antibiotics. "You are done racing for the season - right?" she asked. Her sharp eyes made it clear there was only one answer to that question.

Thankfully, I am 'allowed' to run dogs and do my 'normal' stuff - which is good, because I was running dogs with Richard yesterday (on the ATV).

So that is the scoop on the hand! If it starts to abscess, I'll be sure to provide pictures (I know, something to look forward to!!!)



TerryLynnJohnson said...

Do keep us informed. Thinking of you. Completely enjoyed your homecoming story!

HuskyHowllow said...

Sounds like your Doc is someone not to be trifled with ... she does have sharp pointy things like needles and such ya know. Get that healed up and working like new again. We would hate to have to hang a new nickname on you ... Karen "Hole in Hand".


Huskymom said...

Ooooo...just like the porcupine quill treatment for the dogs: let it fester!!

The Cartoonist said...

In Maryland, the middle fingers are necessary for driving.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm so glad you're all home safe and mostly sound. Fierce doctors are not to be trifled with...they're SCARY! Heal quickly.
Oh Cartoonist...was that you yesterday?! (Tammy, driving in Maryland)

dogu said...

permanently loosing movement in my middle fingers.

Why that would render you practically speechless!


Best of luck getting your hand back in shape. You mind that 90 lb meanie!