Friday, 26 March 2010


The Mission: Scoping out the Iron Horse Trail

The Team: Dasher, Jinx, Billie, Runner, Bingo, Wonder, Q, Barq, Hector, Wolvie, Shooter, Junior, Roscoe, Wifi, Karen, Mark, Richard and Bet

The Equipment:
an ATV (sadly)

0600 hours: Richard souped the 14 dogs selected for the mission
0730 hours: Dogs and gear loaded into the dog truck
0830 hours: Departed NorthWapiti
0945 hours: Arrived Smokey Lake

Richard prepares...

...Bet makes sure everything is going to plan.

Bet watches for any 'problems'

The mission launches.

A few of 'the locals' watch suspiciously.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED declares Bet from mission headquarters!

"Was there ever any doubt?", asks Q

A new trail added to the 'playbook'!!!

More pictures can be seen here


Anonymous said...

You know, I really think Bet is the cutest dog ever!


Anonymous said...

Richard has the best job in the whole wide world working with all the pups and Mark and Karen.

Doug and JoAnn

Summit the Super Mal said...

A solid recon mission for sure. We have the same Honda 4-wheeler, except mine has a sticker on it that looks like a band-aid that says "Stupid Hurts". I tend to need that visual reminder....often.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Love the pics! Mushing looks like so much fun.

ElizabethMC said...

Looks like everyone had a good run thanks to Bets' supervision and making sure all went off without a hitch - Way to Go Bet!