Friday, 12 March 2010

Iditarod Status (The Cartoonist)

As you may have already heard, Karen scratched in McGrath citing personal reasons.

I will not speculate on the reason, except to say: I know that Karen was nursing a bad ankle and her badly injured hand during the race. I know that her main focus during the race is for the care, safety, and health of the dogs. If she was unable to ensure all of that, she would not continue.

Rest assured, all of the dogs are fine, and Karen will be fine too.

Karen will be back to tell the whole tale, and until then, unless I or other authors of the blog hear from Karen, we will just wait until she has the time to post.

Of course, I do have one theory that I felt I needed to share.

Richard has mentioned to me that the MOMENT Team North Wapiti left for Alaska, there was a major shift in living arrangements:

Kara took over the main bedroom

X took over the cloud

Bet and Bait took over the couch

And Cricket took over the guest house....

which left Richard with the only place left to sleep

I think Karen felt sorry for him and wanted to get back home.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.


Mike Rawaillot said...

Great Blog Penny LOL !!!!!!

The Thundering Herd said...

The question is whether Karen will get her bed back from Kara.

Nannette Morgan said...

Well I personally think Karen might want to SHARE the bed with Kara (no offense to Mark) after all it looks like Kara can operate the remote for TV and with Karen's hand being laid up, that might be useful! Not to mention maybe Kara can learn to fetch things for Karen (oops...forget that Kara is the Princess forget that one).....!


kellross1 said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is the end of the day it really is just all about the dogs! I hope Karen gets to feeling better, I"m sure she will be back very soon. She needs some time off to snuggle with the "kds"!

Lela C. said...

((((((Karen)))))) - take lots of Vitamin C and Vitamin D and chicken soup to get you healed up quickly - and make sure you get lots of hugs & kisses from the Pretty Sled Dogs, too!

Katerina said...

That is hillarious!!! Still laughing hard!

With a situation like that, I´d also be worried and would hop on the first plane that can get me home. The question is, if this kind of situation could be ever fixed!

Cyber-sibes said...

It's good to see the place is in good paws till Karen returns.

jack + moo

MCBergin said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I'm sure we'll be hearing lots of interesting stories

Holly and Khady said...

We were so sad to hear Karen scratched. But, we know she is always thinking of her pups first! And, with her injuries, I can only imagine what pain she was dealing with along the trail.

We hope they all have a safe trip home.

I hope someone warns Kara that her bed days might be numbered! Hawoowoo!

Holly and Khady