Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another Exclusive North Wapiti Item - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody!

As you already know, I'm all about the matching ensemble!  Unlike the Pretty Curly Tails, I'm not designed for these really really, did I mention REALLY cold Canadian winters, much less the extremely really REALLY, did I mention freeze your paws off, cold Alaskan winters!

I require a coat, booties, and something to keep my sensitive ears warm.  I prefer to have a matching ensemble because I'm stylish like that, and I also have to present a professional look for all of my North Wapiti groupie fans.  I can't just be hanging out looking all disheveled and unmatched... much like what happened during the 2011 Canadian Challenge.  I was totally expecting to be staying in a nice warm hotel where they had room service and other amenities while the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails were out racing... but sadly no.

So, there I was... blue coat, green scarf, and Musher Mark's brown mittens on my ears... I was so embarrassed I didn't want to get out of the truck... ok, I didn't want to get out of the truck because it was warm in there, but also because I looked like a total fashion NO, NO, BAD DOG!

This is seriously embarrassing
I vowed after that embarrassment that I would never go to a race unless I was fully matching and stylish.  I had been saving my money for my Gucci outfit, but the bake sale was a total failure.  How was I to know that people wouldn't travel all the way out to the middle of Perryvale nowhere for my peanut butter cookies... that I ate before they were put in little bags with cute pawprints on them... pawprints of the Pretty Curly Tails by the way, but I digress.

Ok, fine I'll get to the point... geesh, you people are impatient!

So, using cunning and guile, I got the Musher to style and order the really cool North Wapiti exclusive Gee/Haw mittens.

Which meant that all I needed was something to keep my sensitive ears toasty warm.  Hmm, what could I get that would be all toasty and warm and matching...

You guessed it!  HATS!

Oh yeah, we've got hats now!

Not only do we have hats, but they totally match the mittens!  How diabolical is that????

We have red hats and black hats.  No matter which hat you get... you'll still match the mittens!  I'm an evil marketing genius!

The hats are made from very soft Baa-Baa sheepie thing wool and have tassels and ear flappy things and are just really warm and comfy.  You can find out more information about them and order them from our Shop  one size fits most heads, and to prove that, I'll model them for you.

um.... Musher, can you give me a hand here, I don't think the hat is on right.

Musher?  I said I need a hand here... Musher?

FINE!  I'll wait until you finish laughing, but you better not be taking pictures of me.

Ok, so you can clearly see that they are very stylish and fit just about any head... apparently not Collie heads, but I'll just have the Musher do some modifications and I'll be good to go.

You won't have to do any modifications (unless your head is shaped like a Collie) and you will be stylish, matching, and fleecy sheepie warm this winter with your very own North Wapiti hat!

So visit the store and get your very own exclusive North Wapiti hat... and some mittens while you're at it.

- Bet

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Susan said...

Bet, you are just too funny..but yes, an evil marketing Collie. But you know...your picture is not on anything. Your fans understand since you're not on the racing team it's probably not possible. Maybe Musher will take it under consideration.