Friday, 9 December 2011

"Let's Camp"

The plan for yesterday was to take the team on another camping trip but when we woke up to a -26C reading on the thermometer plans were changed. ATV's don't 'camp' well at those temps - mushers either!!!
We fed on schedule, I worked out while the dogs were digesting their breakfast, piled on an extra layer of clothing as the temperature was still holding at -26, and I headed out on run. I told Sarah that I wasn't sure how long I'd be, I'd see what the weather was 'out of the valley' before deciding.

Six miles into the run I stopped the ATV, dug around for my cell phone, powered it up, phoned Mark and said "Let's camp". Although it was cold, the sun made it rather bearable!!

Twenty one miles later I pulled into the campground to find Sarah waiting with a meal for the dogs, Mark tending a roaring, hot fire, and Bet shivering her fur off. Sweet.

Oh, I almost forgot to report my 'traffic violation' on the way into the campground -

Bad dogteam!!!! Bad dogteam!!! =)

Anyway, it was cold, the hot dogs sucked (I bought 'all natural' hot dogs that was very proud of the fact you could pronounce all their ingredients. Apparently, the 'unnatural' and 'unreadable' things are what make hot dogs good!! Who knew!!!!), the dogs rested badly......BUT ...the runs themselves were GREAT!!! The dogs are very fast and very driven this season. I am so very pleased with them.

The run home was in fabulous bright moonlight - we saw 3 moose, a herd of elk and more deer then I could count. It was wonderful.

I'm glad I changed my mind!!!!


granimar said...

Rats, I left a great comment [according to me] and the Blog page sent it into cyberspace. Oh well.

Lori Greenstein said...

Hey Karen! Remember the NO MOOSE BUTTONS of Iditarod 2000? I gave you one at Beargrease, too. They're BACK! I am selling them to raise money for young Jenny Greger, so she can run Jr. Iditarod again, among others. I had a wonderful reunion with my favorite musher, Rob - her Dad. I met her when she was 3 - what a change! Anyway - the buttons are available at in classifieds (misc and gifts). The $6 is cheap insurance from marauding MOOSE! (At least that's the idea). I might be willing to swap some buttons for one of those nifty hats of yours...anyway, I am SOOO excited to be back in the mushing world...and delighted that you will run Iditarod 2012. Love to hear your thoughts. Run safe. Lori Greenstein, aka NO MOOSE BUTTON lady.