Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Peas and Carrots

Part of the work I do at this time of year is not only nurturing and bringing along new leaders but finding combinations of leaders that go together like....well....peas and carrots.
When all goes right 2 leaders that compliment each other well will raise the level of both dogs. Sometimes, with the exact wrong combination, the exact opposite happens.

Tramp is quickly proving that she is one of the best leaders in the yard here at NorthWapiti.

She is FAST (very fast), focused, driven and very keen to please - but she is rather....ummmm....how can I put this politely.....OUTSPOKEN.

Not all my leaders are .... um.....KEEN on sharing the spotlight with as ......um....INTENSE a dog as Tramp.

"What a DIVA", says Kelly
 But Tramp is good enough up front to be worth the trouble to find the perfect running mate.

...or maybe she will shine as a single leader!!!

It's my job to sort that out!!!!



Sam said...

I've always wondered what the signs are of a good leader! I bet it is fun to help develop that.


Chris said...

I always knew Tramp was a beautiful little girl as a pup, but who knew she would end up as a beautiful, vocal leading lady :-)
I cant wait to see them all again this season.

Linda Toth said...

All white huskies? Interesting to see that since I hadn't expected it.

Looks like Hank DeBruin will join you this trip and make another run at it.

I wish you both well, and would love to see Mike and Sue Ellis have the funds to join you on the Iditarod some year.

Caron said...

Always fun to find the perfect running partner, keep us posted.

Caron of Team Cademe (SA)

Pat in MN said...

"Part of the work I do . . .":
It sure beats an office job!!

Bakavi said...

Good luck in finding the boy or girl who can do the work AND handle the DIVA!
She sure sounds like a winner!