Sunday, 25 December 2011

Not A Creature Was Stirring...

Legend has it at midnight on Christmas Eve animals can speak....

I headed to bed at 10pm last night but in the middle of the night I woke to a dull, roaring type noise. I glanced at my ceiling clock/thermometer and watched as it clicked over from displaying -3C (that's a whole 'nother blog) to 00:01.
I strained to hear what the noise was and whether I had to get up to address a problem in the dog yard. As I concentrated I began to separate individual sounds from the roar.
The first was a rather shrill, demanding voice that I quickly recognized as Tramp complaining about...well....everything. Then there was Rocket on a tirade about porcupines and her itching stitches. A deep throaty voice kept yelling "STAY AWAY. THIS IS MY YARD". Definitely Cricket.
I strained further and heard the clipped, polite accent of Todd telling everyone about his research on effects of lactic acid on the muscles of a distance athlete. Then there was Fletch's more 'earthy' accent. Did he just call me 'me duck'? I am still your Mother, young man!
Jinx was wondering aloud what the weather was in Alaska and what the Iditarod Trail was looking like. All business that lady.
Very prey driven Casey yelled that she thought she saw a mouse in the woods.
Barq said that if that 'young upstart' Jack didn't shut up he was going to 'beat the guard hairs off him'.
Smartie asked if someone would bring her the Suduko book from the bathroom so she could finish off a few puzzles.
Beauty asked neighbor Tess if her new collar made her look 'fluffy'?
The chanting in the yard was sure to be the very 'Zen like' Runner trying to maintain his inner peace.
Rocky excitedly announced to anyone that would listen that he pretty sure he was going to Alaska!

I decided there was no way I was stepping out in that dog yard. I snuggled against my warm husband and pulled a pillow over my ears.

I woke up many hours later to the quiet of Christmas morning. In the distance I could faintly hear Cricket barking at coyotes and squeaky Tic was already at the sliding door waiting to be let in. Bet's toes clicked across the laminate floor as she had noticed I was awake and came to wish me a 'Merry Christmas'.

All was good in my world!!! Thank goodness that only happens once a year!

Merry Christmas All!


Anonymous said...

Love your story! Love all of your stories! Merry Christmas to Mark and you and the furry ones. You bring tears to my eyes and happiness to my heart.

The Retirees Jovo, Mandy and their mom JoAnn

Barbara said...

Should have read further back before my earlier comment. :) Knew your creatures would be talking last night...

Anonymous said...

What would I do without your wonderful stories, Karen!
You have added laughter, knowledge & tears to my life for years and I am looking so forward to many more.
I hope you, Mark & all the NW family had a great Christmas!
My Sitka always talks to me too!
Sitka's Mom Lisa (Columbus)