Friday, 9 December 2011

Sweaterpalooza Drawing - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody, its your roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

I bet you bet that we forgot all about the sweater drawing thingie, didn't you!  Pshaw!  No we didn't!

The Musher wanted everything to be JUST RIGHT for the actually drawing of the names festivities and stuff, which meant...

I got a bath.
NOT happy about that!  The stupid pink bow is a bit much, makes me look like some frou-frou spoiled housedog or something.  I'm as rough and tumble as the Pretty Curly Tails!  I can handle it out in the freezy temps with the big dogs!  As a matter of fact, the Musher said there's another camping trip coming up, and you know what?  I'm going out there without my winter gear and warm booties just to prove that I can hang with the gang... maybe I'll even chop some wood and spit and stuff... yeah!

Oh wait, where was I?  Ah yes, the Cowaboo sweater drawing thingie... yeah, ok, so back to the story... blah blah, didn't forget, got a bath, stupid pink bow... oh yeah!

So anyhoo, the Musher wanted me to draw the names out of a hat for the winner of the sweater, the wristie things, and then someone gets to choose a baa baa fleecy thing from 2008.  Oh geez, how original, that's been done to death.  Besides, who wants to stick their nose in someone's stinky hat and grab a piece of paper that's been swimming in who knows what in that hat?

So, I told the Musher that it would be MUCH better, and more fun for me, if she just put the slips of paper in a jar of peanut butter!

MMMMM I LOVE peanut butter!  And she fell for it!

Ok, lets see... all of the names are in there all folded up so I can't see them... so let me pick the first prize winner of the stunning partially knitted by the Musher Cowaboo sweater.....

Gotta get real deep in here... mmmmm there's some residue in here, nom nom... oh yeah, here's a slip of paper... and the winner of the sweater is....

Congratulations Marian Siegel, you are now the proud owner of the Cowaboo sweater!!!

Now I had to go back in and pick the winner of the wristie thingies... in case you forgot what they look like here they are
They're really cool and warm and smell like cookies because Helen Handler knitted them.  You get two, one for each wrist... just wanted to be clear about that.

Ok, so back into the jar to pick the winner of the wristie things

Mphrmblmph... all of the papers are stuck to the sides of the jar, so I'm really have to work at getting them separated and.....

Congratulations Donna Quante, the winner of the wristie thingies!

Now, I have to get in there and pick the winner of the 2008 baa baa fleecy thing... sigh... the suffering I endure for the good of the kennel.

MMMMM... I mean hmmmm, I seem to be having a difficult time getting down to the ones at the bottom and need to eat my way there... this may take some time.... ok, got one.

Congratulations Lisa Myers, you win your choice of 2008 baa baa fleecy thing!

Ok winners, contact the Heather Minion at Musher Minions (

Ok, I need to go back in there and get out the rest of the papers... so glad I got that bath!

- Bet

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Pat in MN said...

Bet: glad you are earning your keep there at NW by helping with the drawing. Good dog!