Sunday, 4 December 2011

Knitting For Dogs

The other day while in the grocery store in Athabasca I saw this book Knitting For Dogs. "Awesome" I said to Sarah. "Maybe I can get Bet to finish the scarf I'm working on".
Then I realized it was patterns for knitting items for your dogs NOT a book teaching your dog to knit. Darn!!!! =)
.....or was it???

This morning when I got up I found Bet sporting this -

Okay, maybe I knit it for her as a joke, but Border Collies are supposed to be very smart, I may not give up on the idea yet.

...or maybe I will!!!

For the record - Bet's scarf pattern can be found here


Sam said...

I wish I (or maybe Sam?) knew how to knit - I've seen those books, but I don't understand how to do it. I can crochet like a crazy person, but knitting seems to escape me.


Brandi said...

Taught myself from this great little book. Very good pictures and explanations. "Teach yourself to knit" by Evie Rosen.