Thursday, 1 December 2011

Up Front

One of the tasks that my young leaders often struggle with is lining out patiently while I check intersections for traffic, clear debris from the trail, open gates, etc, etc.

Today, young (but AMAZING) 'little white leaders' Tramp and Kelly indeed struggled while I checked the intersection at the Perryvale corner for traffic.

It took some doing, but I untangled them, saved the Perryvale sign and then had a little chat with them about their duties and responsibilities as lead dogs.

Kelly is very serious and was duly attentive to my talk...

Trampie, not so much ....

But regardless, when I next walked away from the ATV to open a gate - they seemed to get it!!

Little White Leaders Rock!!!!


Natalie - Snowdrift Siberians said...

So there's hope for the rest of us too... LOL! Little white leaders do indeed rock...!

Caron said...

Oh goodness what a good giggle!!

Keep 'em coming!!

All our Love Team Cademe

Anonymous said...

So happy to see little Kelly doing so well. She & Tramp certainly are stars! Sitka's Mom, Lisa