Friday, 23 December 2011

The Week (or something) In Review - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody, its your diligent yet sometimes tardy Roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

Yes, yes, we ALL want to know how little Rocket is doing, so I'll just start with that because you'll just bug me until we do... eeesh.

After her surgery and stuff, she was really sore and poopy feeling, so I let her have the cloud and even gave her my prized baa baa sheepy thing toy to comfort her. (Even though Crunchie will claim the baa baa sheepy toy thing is his... its all a lie!)

Hey, its the LEAST I could do, she looked so horribly pathetic and all, I'm not heartless you know!

After some rest and good foods and lots and lots of lovin, she started perking up a bit and even smiled for the camera.

Although she says that she doesn't feel like dancing, she is feeling better, and we'll just take it day by day.  Of course, when it was time for me to go to bed, I told her that I needed by baa baa sheepy thing, because... well, its my baa baa sheepy thing!

Hmmm, something tells me that I'm not going to get back my baa baa sheepy thing until she's fully healed... I'm certainly not going to try to retrieve it with that look going on.

So, after the whole porcupine fiasco, the Pretty Curly tails decided that porcupines aren't fun to chase, so they decided to go after cute, fluffy little bunny rabbits.  This gave niece Corrine some experience in untangling Pretty Curly Tails in snow, and branches, and rocks, and stuff.

From what I heard, the Pretty Curly Tails weren't chasing bunnies, they were picking out the dog yard Christmas Tree, but apparently the Musher and niece Corrine didn't understand.

Here is your obligatory cheesecake pose by the ever studly Wolverine

The temperatures have been up and down and up and down and up and up and... too warm to do a lot of training at times, but Wolvie knows that when they aren't moving, its time to suck up as much snow time as possible.

Yesterday the pups took a trip to the local post office, which was just teeming with customers... I mean you can barely find a place to park a whole dog team, just look at all of the people.... ok, seriously, this is REALLY busy for the post office.

Kelly and Beauty ran in lead, which was one of those kismet things...

... because some sneaky people named Rob and Rhonda had commissioned a painting of their mother, Kara, to give to the Musher from the legendary Jon Van Zyle and it arrived at the Post Office yesterday.

He totally captured her spirit and the Musher totally loves it so much and was overwhelmed by the gift.  I like it too and miss my cloud mate very much, but now we can look up and see her looking down at us again.  Thank you to everyone involved with such a wonderful gift.

- Bet


Bakavi said...

Oh how beautiful. Such a wondrous gift. Tear time.

Nannette Morgan said...

I feel like I could just reach out and pet her! Beautiful ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those sneaky people! What a beautiful work of art. Enjoy.

Let us know, Bet, if you need a new sheepy thing!

Marcia, Elizabethtown, PA

Barbara said...

Oh my, what a beautiful picture of a beautiful girl! I think we all miss Kara and it is nice to think of you all seeing her above you from the cloud. Nice to see stufly Wolverine too, and to know that Rocket is doing better.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, wonderful work of art! It did bring tears to my eyes.
Bet, I enjoyed your story and am happy that Rocket is feeling better. She looks beautiful.
Wolvie is such a handsome curly tail. He sure knows how to pose.
Merry Christmas to the entire NW family & I know you will enjoy having Kara looking down @ you forever.
Sitka's Mom, Lisa