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Its Snack Bag Time!!!! - Bet

Howdy Ho everybody, its your Roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

Yes, I've been a bit quiet lately because (as usual) there's always something going on around here that requires my attention!

I'll be doing an Interwebs wrap up in a bit, but I needed to get this important snack bag breaking news story out first....




Ok, some of you are probably like all "what the heck is snack bag time"... well, if you'll hold on a minute I'll tell you!  Geesh, settle down everyone!

When I was a mere pup in the wilds of Texas (and yes, yesterday was National Maple Syrup day, which I faithful observe), I thought that dog mushers just went out and mushed, perhaps carrying their supplies on a really comfy support vehicle, such as an RV or tour bus that was driven behind the sled by the pit crew... like in NASCAR.  Apparently I was wrong and found that out when I became a part of North Wapiti.

Mushers rely on their drop bags at each checkpoint to sustain them and their Pretty Curly Tails during a race.  Each drop bag contains the essentials of life: food, comfort, treats, medicines, snacks, more snacks, some snacks, and stuff and things.

As you may recall, there's a whole lot of preparing, buying, and packing when it comes to drop bags.  Here I am helping Richard stuff his drop bags for the Canadian Challenge:
You forgot the waffles!
So... what does this have to do with you and snack bags?  OHMYGEEZIE you people are impatient, I'm getting to that!

The Musher has a sort of vapor-lock when it comes to packing snacks and treats for herself in her snack bags.  She has her standard favorites and all that, but there's no added motivation for her to get to the checkpoint because she knows what's waiting for her in her snack bag.  So, during one of the Iditarods, her fans volunteered to pack her snack bags for her, that way she had NO CLUE what was waiting for her at the checkpoint, and it was fun discovering the different things and eating new stuffs and reading the inspirational messages her fans wrote for her.

There's like 24 or so checkpoints on the trail, so she needs 24 snack bags and other essentials in the drop bags.  Here's where you come in... yes, FINALLY!

You can pick out and fill your very own snack bag, that will be put in the drop bag, that the Musher will eat at an Iditarod checkpoint!  Isn't that cool???  I said ISN'T THAT COOL???  Snack bags aren't that big, just a gallon-sized Ziploc baggie of goodies.  All you have to do is go to the Snack Bag page and follow the directions to send your snack bag!!!  We even have a new Snack Bag Musher Minion that will tenderly care for your snack bag and make sure it gets to the wilds of Alaska!

If you don't want to pick out snacks and send a snack bag, well, that's fine too, because there are other things that the Pretty Curly Tails and the Musher need in the drop bags, such as:
  • Prilosec OTC
  • Hand warmers
  • Mitts
  • AA batteries
  • Waffles
Ok... they don't need waffles, but they do needs those other things and some more things, and we've made it easy and cheap for you to help out getting those things... you can donate any number of those things with a simple click of the button!  No need to even put down your coffee, just go to the Snack bag page and near the bottom is the list of thingies they need in the drop bags, just click some buttons, say how many you want to donate and its a done deal!

I'm also including a handy link near the top of the page so you can tell your friends and family, and distant relatives, complete strangers, and random people you bump into on the street so they can join in and be a part of the Iditarod experience by knowing that your contribution is actually being used on that historic trail to get the Pretty Curly Tails under the burled arch thing in Nome! 

As usual, if you have any questions, you can e-mail the helpful Heather Minion at Musher Minions (

- Bet

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