Thursday, 4 July 2013

Good Deeds - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I wanted to thank all of you for putting up with the bland Nyquil swigging Cartoonist the past week.  She is a pathetic roving reporter and I'm still begging her to post other pictures she took during the (from what the Musher says) amaaaazing ISDRA event last week, so please be patient while I catch up on the happening stuffs and things!

Even though we just went about celebrated Canada Day, which generally means barbecuing, celebrating, wearing Chris Hadfield staches, shooting off fireworks, and freaking out the animals, and are also celebrating the U.S. Independence Day, which generally means barbecuing, celebrating, wearing Uncle Sam Hats, shooting off fireworks, and freaking out the animals, we wanted to remind everybodies of the peoples and animals in Galena who are still having a difficult time because of the flooding they had recently.

Galena is a checkpoint on the Northern route of the Iditarod trail, in case you didn't know that.  Here is a bloggity post from the Musher's 2012 Iditarod and fond memories of Galena.

So, the Musher has great affection for the peoples and animals of Galena, and her thoughts and prayers are with them as they try to recover from the horrible flooding that has affected the entire town.
This picture is linked to and © don't be stealing it peoples
The Musher is also very pleased to be sponsored by the fine folks at Eagle Pack (Eagle Pack... the tasty, tasty foods of the North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dogs and ME!) because not only do they make such wonderful foods that allow the Pretty Curly Tails to do their best, but they do wonderful things like donate and send over 5,000 lbs of WellPet foods to the dogs of Galena!

You see, the Musher not only knows what tasty, tasty, nutritious foods they make, but that they are a good company that does the right thing, that's why she's proud to have them sponsor us all.

Could you please do us a favor and tell them thank you from Karen Ramstead and the Pretty Sled Dogs of North Wapiti for not only sponsoring us, but for doing good things for dogs in need, like those in Galena!  Just click the linky link below to send them a quick thank you.

WellPet Does Good Things for North Wapiti and they're a nice company too

Thank you!

- Bet


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Did just like you told me to, Bet!

Clawsonc said...

Done! They also provide our rescue group of huskies food as well. They are great and so very thoughtful!