Sunday, 21 July 2013

Let's Get Ready to RAGBRAI! - Bet

And they're off... ok, so they left quite a while ago, but I was napping.

I've discovered that the comfy couch has a feature where this little me-sized bed pops up on the end.  It's the perfect size!


With no further ado... there goes the Musher!!!

ZOOOOOOOM or something.

Each day the riders have to get from one place to another.  Today they have to go from Council Bluffs to Harlan... you can follow them sorta on the daily maps.  Here is today's map:

The routine is:  Camp out in the spacious and luxurious Winter Chicks Coop (or with somebodies they know)

In the morning, the riders leave while the Sag Wagon peoples clean up the camp
Pack everything up in the Sag Wagon and drive to the next checkpoint, set up the Winter Chicks Coop and prepare for the riders to arrive with cocktails on the veranda.

But with all of the peoples riding bikes in this thing how will they ever find their Winter Chicks Coop?  I'm glad you asked... of course the very smart Shelly Minion thought of that, which is why the Minions created signs that only the Musher would understand.  We couldn't possibly have other peoples showing up at the Coop wanting cocktails, so...

 Shelly Minion will staple the signs to various and sundry stationary objects to guide the Musher to the Coop!

While Shelly is hard at work, driving and navigating, and herding the Musher and Helen (smells of cookies) Handler... the Musher is seeing new sights, new things, new smells, and new adventures.

For instance, the Musher has discovered corn.
Because Canada doesn't have corn... or corn this tall... or something.  Oh wait, maybe she's doing her impression of Shoeless Joe Jackson in that Field of Dreams movie because that was in Iowa!!!  Yeah, that's it... totally.  If you bike there, they will come!

- Bet


Nannette Morgan said...

I love the signs. So clever! I think Karen is singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from "Oklahoma" there in the corn field ;-) I'm enjoying the travels!

Wildfiretales2013 said...

Dang! I kept looking for those GEE and HAW signs to the Winter Chicks Cocktail Coop, (good thing I read musher) but I never saw one.