Monday, 8 July 2013

New Accent Colours

The pussywillows and pasque flowers are gone now and the forest is full of new colour and shapes.

Fleabane is thick in all the open meadow areas. The smoke from burning dried fleabane is supposed to drive off fleas and ticks. It must, as we have neither around us!!

 Tiger Lilies are definitely the 'feature attraction' in the forest right now. So beautiful!!!

 There is an Asian legend about the Tiger Lily that I find very charming.
 According to legend, a hermit once befriended a tiger by taking an arrow from its injured body. The tiger did not survive, but before he died he called upon the man to ensure their friendship lasted beyond his death.

The tiger's body then became this beautiful orange lily adorned with black markings. Years later, when the hermit passed away, the tiger lily spread far and wide looking for his friend. This myth gave rise to the belief that the tiger lily is symbolic of friendship.

Bracted Wintergreen. Not a lot of this around, but found a patch by the Game Cam!

 The blueberry crops are looking GREAT!!!! If the weather keeps up like it has been for a few more weeks we will be FEASTING!!

I love these nodding, papery bluebells. They are also one of the longest lasting of our wildflowers, first blooming in June and carrying on until the first snows fall!

I believe this wildflower, which is very predominant around our lichens is Lily of the Valley - although the plant is most attributed to Europe and the eastern US.

The Border Coolius. Rare, but highly prized. Slightly offense odor, but excellent remedy for all that ails you!

 ...and our ever present lichen.

And I have no clue what these guys are. Any one know?

That is FAR from a comprehensive guide - the woods are bursting with life and colour right now - but this is some of the most common and some of my favorites!


AK Michele RN said...

I believe that is Yellow Hawkweed :D

obiewanone50 said...

Border Coolius blooms all year round, different fragrances at times. Always lovely.

Shirly said...

All the flowers are beautiful and you live where it is so neat. You are Blessed.

djqhusky said...

Are you sure the tall white flower is not bedstraw?

Karen Ramstead said...

Nope, not bedstraw. Has a large, flat, broad leaf.

Yup on the Yellow Hawkweed!! Thanks Michele!!!

Barbara in IN said...

With all the rain in the midwest this year our lilies have been especially lovely too, and lots of them. No more Border Coolius than usual tho... Yes on the Lily of the Valley; it was brought from Europe.