Sunday, 21 July 2013

Omaha Tales of the Trails - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I know that we have a lot of fans who are not on the Facebooks, so we like to do a little recap of events as they happened online.

The Musher and Helen (smells of Cookies) Handler met up with our trusty Shelly Minion in Iowa and began setting up their Winter Chicks Roost yesterday.  The Winter Chicks will be staying in their glamorous tent at some of the stops, and other times they'll be staying with friends and Shelly Minion's family and we're very honored by all of their generosity.

Then it was time for the Musher to scurry over to give her Tales of the Trails presentation.

We want to give a big THANK YOU for the Pizza Shoppe Collective for hosting the event, and to Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue for organizing and sponsoring the Musher!

There were snacks (no waffles, unfortunately) and a raffle table
picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson

All sorts of goodies and autographed stuffs and things and stuffies.  As you can see, some of the directional signs were autographed and raffled, the others are going to a good cause, you'll see later in my next bloggity blog post.
picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson
Then the Musher got up and gave her presentation where she brags about how wonderful it is since I came to the kennel because all I have to do is turn on my amazing herdy skills to get the Pretty Curly Tails to sit in a straight line
picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson
And how alluring I am that it makes her job way too easy now since I do most of the work being Auntie Bet and teaching them everything from birth, then mentor them in their formative years, and then even teach them what Gee, Haw, and On By and all that stuff and junk... frankly I think I'm the one that should travel all over, get tasty treats and give this presentation.
picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson
Everybodies was sufficiently impressed with how the Musher talks about how amazing I am that they barely moved until the presentation was over.
picture courtesy of Helen (smells of cookies) Handler
Then it was time for the meety and greety part where the fans got to spend time asking questions about me, and telling the Musher how wonderful I am.
picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson
And as a special surprise, Dan and Heather Minion showed up with adorable North Wapiti's Casey and North Wapiti's Bang.  Dan, Heather, and Casey drove all the way from Pennsylvania to pick up Bang who will be going back home with them to join their pack.
picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson
Don't yell at me Heather Minion, the Cartoonist forced me to put this picture up.

So, it was an extra special treat that not only did the Omaha fans get to hear the Musher talk about me, but they also got to meet two actual Pretty Curly Tails!!!

Then the Musher got to meet the extremely nice and fantabulous Marcia Claesson who graciously took most of these event pictures and let me post them on the bloggity blog so all of you could share in the experience!

picture courtesy of Marcia Claesson with Marcia Claesson and the Musher
Thank you all for coming out to meet the Musher and hear her speak.  I'm sure she said other things, like stuffs about the Iditarod and me, and I hope everybodies had a great time.

Don't forget about our GoFundMe to help the Musher get to the 2014 Iditarod!  We'll be adding more reward levels after the RAGBRAI, but if you want a Winter Chicks hat or drinkie thing, you better get them now!  That reward level will go away after the RAGBRAI, so get them while you can!!!

- Bet


Libby the Lab said...

I enjoyed the day, meeting Karen and two the curly tails!!

Polly Bray said...

Sounds like it was a great time. Can't wait to meet Bang and welcome her to our little "North Wapiti East" contingent.

Khady Lynn said...

Our mom said she had a wonderful time and was so excited to meet the Musher! She even brought home one of the stuffies!! But, for some reason, she won't let us play with it!

Khady Lynn

Marcia C said...

I enjoyed meeting Karen, and her presentation was most interesting. Even this mushing enthusiast learned a lot. It was also fun reuniting with some of the "Iditabuds" and making new friends.