Tuesday, 23 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 3 - Bet

Howdy Ho everbodies!

Well, after a very rough 83 miles of riding, the Musher and Helen (after a shower smells like cookies again) Handler were happy to be in Perry

They took advantage of the local foods by sampling a gigantic pork chop from the famous Mr. Pork Chop
Stop taunting me with the tasty foods
Then took advantage of Shelly RAGBRAI Minion's son and daughter-in-law's generous and thoughtful accommodations out of the nasty nasty elements where they roosted for the night.

The next day, off again early for the next stage

Thanks to the night's storms, it was a bit foggy but a lot cooler than yesterday.  Of course, there were the obligatory traffic jams

The Sag Wagon was feeling a bit of the Iowa heat and road dirt, but turning dirt into lemons... or something... Shelly RAGBRAI Minion made the best of it

Today the Musher and Helen, and Shelly Minion in the sag wagon made for Des Moines.

A mere 50 miles from Perry to Des Moines, and apparently it was college Jersey Day, but I'm pretty sure cows who went to college can't ride bicycles and therefore this tradition will most likely go by the wayside next year.  Oh wait, jersey... not guernsey... nevermind.

The Musher pondered: "I can't decide whether Ragbrai is more like spawning salmon or migrating caribou....basically just a continuous flow of cyclists that you just break off of or join into as whim decides!!!!! It is truly a cool experience!!!"
The spawning caribou migrating or something
 Once they reached Des Moines, there was more foodables

The Musher then gave a Tales of the Trails at the shelter @ Ashby Park on 38th St, just south of Douglas Ave, Des Moines.

And a good time is still being had by all

- Bet


Anonymous said...

she gave a seminar during the race? How fun?

It really does sound like a great time and quite the experience.
Super. Go ladies. keep up the good work.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Khyra and Her Minion Mom

Shirly said...

Karen I planned to come to the Park and then some unforeseen things happened and I could not come. Thinking of you and all the good times and hard work the bike riding is. Wishing you the best

Lu Peverill said...

Hey....this is Lu....SO fun to spend a couple of days with Karen and Helen. Thanks for hanging out with us....Shelly is the best SAGger you could have.....
I hope we can stay in touch.