Saturday, 27 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 7, The Finish - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Day 7 of RAGBRAI started out on a bittersweet morning.  Happy to finally be reaching their destination, but sad that their journey was about to end.

Because of RAGBRAI, the Musher got to meet new fans and old fans, and even fans so determined to meet her, they followed the Winter Chick direction signs

She got to see a new state up close and personal, try new foods, enjoy the company of like minded peoples, and test herself on a 440 mile endurance test.

So, Day 7, the final journey began.

The final leg of the journey began in Fairfield and would end with the participants dipping their tires in the mighty Mississippi.

Another beautiful day for biking, and wanting to make the journey a little bit longer... and because sometimes ya gotta go and a cornfield isn't very dignified, they Winter Chicks stopped in West Point

Around 1pm Central time, they cruised to the finish at Fort Madison, and dipped those well worn wheels into the Mississippi, then celebrated under the not so burled but covered in bicycle arch.

Congratulations Winter Chicks, you have arrived!

I'm very proud of you!

Thank you Iowa for taking care of my Musher, and treating her so well and thank you to the RAGBRAI coordinators, you put on a heck of a party.

Extra special thankity thank you very much you are so wonderful and fantabulous to the extraordinary Shelly RAGBRAI Minion!  Without you, this wouldn't have happened and I'm forever grateful for everything that you did to make the Musher happy, safe, and comfy without me.

- Bet


The Dancing Donkey said...


Julie Thompson said...

That's my guy Peter talking to Karen! He got a nice autograph from her, and even more cool, an autograph from Bet to our pups Patsy and Loretta!
Thanks for being so sweet Karen!

Julie Thompson

Khady Lynn said...

Congratulation on finishing! I'm so glad you all had such a great time seeing the wonderful state of Iowa. Truly the heartland of America! Maybe Karen will make this an annual event!

Khady Lynn

Anonymous said...


Diana Miller

Karen Ramstead said...

It was great to meet Peter!!! He was super nice and so glad to be able to fill his Ragbrai duty to you! =) =)

BTW - is there a website for Bad Dog, No Biscuit????