Saturday, 20 July 2013

So What the Heck is RAGBRAI? - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

The Musher has arrived in the BEAUtiful state of Iowa and will be getting acclimated to the weather today, checking out her trusty bicycle, and hanging out with her "Sag Wagon" driver, Ms. Shelly Lewis!

Today the Musher will also be in Omaha doing one of her very popular Tales of the Trails talk to a biggie big group of fans.

If you are in Omaha, NE, stop in to give it a listen and meet the Musher!  For details, just go to our events page and find out where and when and how and all that stuffs and things.

After that, the Musher and Shelly will meet up with Helen (smells of cookies) Handler, who has traveled from the East Coast to also ride in RAGBRAI!

So, what the heck is RAGBRAI?  I realize that all of you peoples are familiar with mushing, mushers, Pretty Curly Tails, Gee, Haw, On By and all that stuffs and things... but what is all this hot weather riding a bicycle across a whole statey state thing?

Well, its a really cool tradition that the pretty state of Iowa has been doing for FORTY YEARS!!!  Yep, for forty years peoples have been riding their bicycles across the entire state of Iowa, having a good time, meeting new friends, eating new tasty, tasty foods, enjoying the local scenery and just having a good time with a bunch of other peoples that like having a good time.

So, check out this video and find out about it, and then get back to me... I'll sit here and wait.

Cool, eh?  I think it is.  Next year (if there is a next year for the Musher) maybe I will ask her to put a little basket on the front of the bicycle so I can ride with her... or run behind her... or maybe just Skype with her when she makes it back to civilization and just wear a t-shirt that she brings back that says I did RAGBRAI but really didn't, but don't tell anybodies that I didn't, ok?

Anyhoo!  So what are we going to be doing while the Musher rides her way across a state?  Well, just like the Iditarod, we will be following her adventures, cheering her on, and maybe even give out some cool prizes and goodies for peoples when we have some contests to make sure you are paying attention to everythings... and stuffs.

We'll be posting updates, pictures, and stuffs (and things) on the Facebooks at the official North Wapiti page 

Our Facebooks postings are automatically tweeted to the twitters, and honestly I forgot what our twitter handle is, probably @NorthWapiti but don't quote me on that... just do a search or something.

We'll be doing wrap ups of events and posting more stuffs and things on this very bloggity blog thingie.

You can follow the official RAGBRAI Web Site

You can follow the official RAGBRAI Facebook page

You can follow RAGBRAI on the Twitters by the #RAGBRAI hashtag

We will also be posting updates, goodies, donation prizes and stuffs on our GoFundMe page.  Remember, the Musher is suffering for 440 miles and risking certain seat issues to help raise money to run the 2014 Iditarod... her LAST run for the burled arch... so show her some love and get up there and get some goodies!!

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Wow what a cool thing this Ragbrai!
Have a wonderful adventure Karen.
Will be watching your progress for sure.

Ricki said...

Wait! Where's Wayward????