Wednesday, 24 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 4 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Thanks for asking what I was doing while the Musher was biking and eating tasty foods across an entire state.  I've been very busy.


After the Musher and Helen (who smells of all sorts of tasty road foods and cookies) Handler made it to Des Moines and the Musher met all sorts of even nicer peoples who came to listen to her Tales of the Trails thing (I'm alluring, I do everything, I'm amazing, and blah blah blah), afterwards it was time to hit the food places.
This little gem is a FRIED apple caramel pecan pie, and apparently it was very delicious... sigh.

Then there was homemade ice cream that was churned right there and then by machine things and not by Tic running on a treadmill while being shocked with a bug zapper... not that we've ever done anything like that... no... never.
The Musher had raspberry, because that's my most favorite.

Then there was some sitting around while listening to music and relaxing
So generally, this seems to be a huge rolling block party, and I'm ultra jealous that I didn't demand to come along in the Wizard of Oz basket so I could partake of friendly peoples, good foods, and stuffs and things... sigh

Day 4 started out with coffee... of course

and then pedaling off to the next town
Today it was Extra Large Indigo jersey day... or something in roman numerals, but I never learned roman numerals... I mean why learn numerals from an ancient society when now we have perfectly good regular numerals, it just seems all pretentious and snooty to use old numbers like that... 

ANYHOO... today's ride was another 50 miles to the wonderful town of Knoxville, which apparently isn't in Tennessee because that would be a LOT more than 50 miles.

There was much bike riding

There were some hills and scenic streety streets

And the Musher got to ride next to a nice woman and talk about that woman's business.  Now I'm not sure what type of business this woman owned, but apparently she didn't mind talking about it to complete strangers.  I do hope that it is a successful business at least.

As you can clearly see, the Musher is still smiling and keeps posting random things on her personal Facebooks page about what a WONDERFUL time she's having, and how much fun it is and salmon spawning and I can only guess that she needs to drink some more water or something.

Oh good, the Musher seems to have found a sno-cone the size of a basketball, that should help keep her hydrated!

Of course, what could be better than tasty foods, good company, exercise, bicycling across a whole state... oh of course... SHOPPING!

No Musher, not the purple bandana, noooo!

No!  I said NO!  Not the purple!!!  Put it back now!

Yes, that's much better, it goes with your eyes and would make a FABulous ensemble!

See, I told you, perfect!

Look who also rode out and met the Winter Chicks!  It's Shelly RAGBRAI Minion!

So, another day is done and it looks like they are about halfway done (I haven't been keeping track).

That's it for today!



Anonymous said...

So proud of you karen and a great time to boot.
hugs and continued fun.

Khady Lynn said...

You all are having such a great time!! I bet all the yummy food is quite the treat too!

Khady Lynn

Pat E. from MN said...

So fun to read your posts. Glad it's not too hot or rainy. Thanks Karen, Helen, Bet and support crew. If you happen to meet another biker named Pat Knebel, say hi to her from me.