Saturday, 22 January 2011

La Ronge Neckbone Sled Dog Race Day 1 - Bet

Good Evening ladies and Gentlemen!

Bet here, broadcasting live from the massive nerve center of the BCBC (Border Collie Broadcasting Center), also known as the Cloud.
As you can see, things are really jumping here at the News Central as we bring you this update on the Musher and Richard as they do battle at the La Ronge Neckbone Sled Dog Race in scenic Saskatchewan, Canada. 

The Musher reports that the locals are very friendly, and tried to throw a party in her room... very late at night... ok, so maybe they thought her room was their room, details are sketchy, we'll have more after this commercial break:

Kara would like more Dentastix... would someone please get her some Dentastix... this message was brought to you by... Kara

Back to the news!

The first day of the run was for a total of 50 miles, with the first 20 miles in hard packed trails, then 10 miles of hard pack and wind blown trails, and the last 20 miles were breaking wind swept trails, so breaking trails seem to be the theme for this winter!

The Musher had Dasher and Jinx in the lead of the rest of the boys, with Richard and the estrogen express led by Bang and Meg for the first 25 miles, then See and Rocket bringing them in the rest of the way. 

There were no teams between the Musher and Richard and the trails had blown in quite a bit in that time, so it was equally hard for both teams to break trails.  The Musher came in at 3:30, with Richard in about an hour and half later.  The Musher feels that since she has a more powerful team of bigger boys, that gave her the advantage... plus Richard's team wanted to stop and do some shopping, craved chocolate, broke out into the "Electric Slide" at a moment's notice, and all had to go to the bathroom as one huge group.  The mushers closer behind Richard's team were very impressed with the Pretty Sled Dogs and their ability to break trail.

Both the Musher and Richard are very happy with their team's performances, despite the blowing trails and the very VERY cold -25 degree weather.... makes me cold just thinking of it.

More news later!

- Bet


granimar said...

Ah-h-h Bet what a magnificent job you do. sounds like all of the trail breaking the Musher and Richard have been doing at home was super training for this race.
Keep up the good work, it's not much fun to have very limited info.

JARAWSiberians said...

Very Cool... sounds like a good time... as for breaking trail.... well your teams have plenty of recent experience at doing that!

Pat in MN said...

Hey Bet,
Sure hope you get off the cloud long enough to do some patrolling around NW. In the meantime, how often do have to fight off Kara? Or is the reason Kara needs more Dentastix because you bribe her with them when she wants the cloud??
Keep up the reports in the meantime.
Pat in MN (well, actually for now, in the Caribbean on St. Barth)

Anonymous said...

I think more "clouds" are needed in the Ramstead home as it appears that they are the hub of creativity and news.

Thanks for the update, Bet, and keep up the good work.

Marcia in PA