Sunday, 16 January 2011

Well Hello!!!

Gosh, I've been negligent in my blogs!!! Many thanks to Helen, Penny, Bet and Richard for keeping the page active for the last few weeks!!!

Things are pretty 'winter typical' here right now - in other words 'busy, busy'. It's been nasty cold (-30 or so) and snowing everyday since we got home from Oregon, but we are managing to keep the dogs moving.

A couple days back Richard and I trucked 2 - 8 dog teams over to the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Grazing Lease for a run.
Too cold for cameras, but we we still had a great time!!! That is a FABULOUS resource in the Edmonton area and I'm unsure why it isn't PACKED with dog teams all winter long!!!

Today it has warmed up to a 'lovely' -25 and we are headed over to the Athabasca River for a nice long run.

The dog truck heads to the 'truck vet' tomorrow to get the rest of the work done on it related to it's breakdown in Idaho last week. Not sure how long it will be in recovery, so we have been trying to put it to some use while we still have it.

I'll try to give one of my camera a workout in the next day or so and get a 'real' blog online!!

Happy Trails!

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