Friday, 28 January 2011

Rail Trail 200 Is On! - Bet

Hey everyone!  Bet here, your roving Border Collie Reporter!

We're please to announce here at North Wapiti Central that the Musher and Richard are on the trail and racing in the Rail Trail 200!

Richard is Bib #1 and the Musher is Bib #5.

Unlike some of the other "big time" races, these little races are hard to report from (especially since I'm not along on the trip) because the updates from the race organizers are sparse, and the Musher and Richard (for some reason) don't like dragging along 200 miles of ethernet cable so they can provide real-time updates.

We've made a few attempts at improving communications with the mushers during races:
We also tried another, lighter method of tracking, but the Musher put her foot down:
So, using space-age technology and some duct tape, we are proud to announce that Team North Wapiti has launched its first video Catallite:
Bait "volunteered" for the duty and bravely sailed up into the air with a nifty camcorder, ready to take overhead shots of the race as it happened.

Unfortunately we made the mistake of allowing Kara to determine the best time and wind direction for the launch, and we're sad to report that Bait is now somewhere near Alaska, but sending back fantastic shots of the mountains... along with some pretty pathetic meowing in the background.


Anonymous said...

Penny - you outdid yourself on this one - must have been up all night. Thanks for the laugh.
Mary in Oregon

granimar said...

Oh, too much !!! my sides hurt from laughing. Can't you just picture poor Bait somewhere over the mountains heading for Alaska. Who would have ever thought that gentle sweet Kara would have had a momentary morph into Olena.

Candyman´s said...

Very innovative way to solve the problem Bet! (In fact You solved two problems in one move!) By the way - I was just out in the dogyard and saw a twinkling new star in the sky. Could that be Bait in her new orbit around the earth? Before You know it we will have some close up photos from the moon relayed to us!
Hugs to "Kara-on-the-cloud" from her grandhild and grandchildren here in Sweden /Ola

Marilyn said...

Penny, your a classic.

Anonymous said...

SNORT! HAHAHAHA!!!! OMG--Bet and Penny--just what I needed to close out the week. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bet! Do you have any info on what dog Richard had in his sled when he arrived at Beaverdell? Do you know if it was for an injury or was one of the curly tails just a wee bit tired?

Bet said...

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any additional updates on the Musher and Richard, we will post them as soon as we know anything.