Thursday, 20 January 2011

Summer Camp Counselors

*****Warning - contains adult subject matter and may not be suitable for all reading audiences***

Since we missed Elkford last weekend I've been itching to get to another race, so after chatting with Mark and jumping through a few tight hoops (like getting the dog truck back on the road), we have decided to head to La Ronge, Saskatchewan tomorrow to run the Neckbone.
Both Mark and I ran the race back in '07 and really enjoyed it. It is a low key, inexpensive to run, good time. Perfect.

Mark will be staying at home to work (someone has to pay for that $2600 truck repair) and hold down the kennel, while I be hitting the road with 20 dogs, Richard and a friend of Richard's from the UK. (I know, traveling with 2 good looking guys with British accents, I'll be lucky if anyone even notices I'm in the truck. I plan to take some knitting with me to keep myself amused).

The teams this trip are not going to be anything like the ones you saw at Eagle Cap. See, almost ALL my main string racing girls are in season. The first ones came in at the Eagle Cap and all the rest have 'jumped on the band wagon', so to speak. My males are crazy for them (Crunchie has been sitting next to his house whining for the last week) and the girls are about as crazy for the guys.

I told Richard the other day that I felt like a counselor at a coed summer camp - my whole mission is to keep the girls away from the boys and the boys away from the girls. It is frustrating for all.

So, to alleviate some of the stress Richard will be driving the 'Estrogen Express' and I will be taking Dasher (who is spayed) and 9 boys.

I will consider the weekend a success if no one comes back bred.

Please say your prayers that Richard does not draw bib 1, as there is no way I or anyone else will get their team by him....wait a minute....maybe we need to hope he DOES draw bib 1. First place would go a long way to pay some of those truck expenses!!

Saskatchewan watch out!


Anonymous said...

Oh funny! As usual, I'm howling at my desk and my co-workers think I'm insane. I told them all it was because of the Wolf Moon...which only served to confirm their opinion of me.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone going to the race? Is Bet gonna make this trip too?

JARAWSiberians said...

sounds like a fun and exciting weekend .... Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon Karen, must have another Crunchie litter. And yes Richard needs to be the first draw, what a fun time that would be all the male dogs chasing him down the trail !

Karen E

Anonymous said...

BUt would the girls run, with all that alluring testosterone coming up? You'd come home with 10 litters on the way!!! Too funny.

Jane and Denali's Legacy Pack