Sunday, 9 January 2011

Odds and Ends - Bet

Okey dokey, while Richard and the Musher recover from the race, and Helen Handler (smells like buffet now) recovers from last night's banquet (that I wasn't invited to... hmmpf), I thought I'd catch up on some loose ends and also clarify some things.

The Name the 5 Dogs Contest

It was a close race for that, but April W managed to squeek out her guess on the blog beating Brenda P by 13 minutes, congratulations April, I'm sure we'll hunt you down and get your info and send you the prize... whatever Helen picked out.

Deer vs. Sheep

Dear Huskymom (and I know where you live),

First of all, those deer didn't have "big horns", they have itty bitty deer horns.  To confirm this, I consulted my "Border Collie Ovis Aries Identification Handbook" which clearly shows that sheep are fluffy and wooly and say "baaa"
Ovis Aries typicullas Baa Baa Sheep

If they had been bighorn sheep (Ovis Aries Holycraprun Head Butting Sheep), they wouldn't be grazing, they'd be doing this nonsense:

Now that I've cleared that up... who is smarter? The border collie that tries to herd big sheep with big horns, or me?   Hmmm?

- Bet

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JARAWSiberians said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks Bet.. I will send you an email with my info...

Great post... and good job on the race updates...

Hmmm not sure what to tell you about the Sheep...