Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday Morning Update - Bet

The Musher and Richard are on the move again, leaving the 152 mile mark this morning.  Steve Madsen has dropped 2 dogs so far, but all of the curly tails are still banging away at their harnesses and having fun.

Musher Start Time Salt CreekMile 9 Ollokot
Mile 48
Ollokot 6hr Layover

Mile 152

2 Richard Todd 13:03  14:05  18:40 21:39 10:04 16:10 01:34     04:24       

3 Steve Madsen 13:06 14:04 19:05 22:56 10:02 16:18  01:26  04:11 
4 Karen Ramstead 13:09 14:11 18:42 21:39  10:03 16:03   01:39  04:22 

As promised, here are some pictures from our adventures so far:

Um... Helen, that's a barn, what about the Musher and Richard?

Um, Helen, that's Chief Joseph Mountain... what about the curly tails and the mushers?

Um, seriously Helen, those are deer, not curly tails, what about the race?

Ok, at least you got the North Wapiti Logo in the picture, but really, I think the people want to see the curly tails and mushers now.

Ah, ok, here we are at Joe Hall Ford getting the truck fixed.  All of the mechanics and employees came out to admire the curly tails and talk with Karen.

They all loved the curly tails

Here we are stopped in the middle of the night for a curly tail feeding and leg stretching

Once we got into town, the people all flocked to us to see the magnificent Board Collie guard... and talk to the Musher and see the curly tails

Here I am helping to prepare all of the gear for the race. As you can see, there's a lot of things to guard and herd on this bed, and it was up to me to make sure it was all sorted and packed.

Since I did such an awesome job of prepping, it was easy for the Musher and Richard to get ready for the race.

Mrs. Richard don't look!  Apparently a brit with Pretty Sled Dogs is a babe magnet.  Don't worry, I guarded him real good and herded the chicks away from him.

Richard still doing more prepping

Some last minute adjustments to make sure everything is just right

Here I am making sure that nobody takes the Musher's sled.  I have my "I pity the fool that messes with my Musher's sled" look going on.

Here are the Pretty Sled Dogs yelling at the organizers to hurry up because they want to get on the trail.

Richard started first

Then the Musher.

Well, that's about it for now.  Keep checking back for more updates and more pictures!



Pat in MN said...

Love the amusing blogs, Bet (and Helen). You have another career ahead as a writer/reporter. Thanks for the updates. Go Karen and Richard!

Anonymous said...

I need more kleenex...Bet (and Helen) you are just great--I have tears streaming from laughing so hard. Your updates are terrific.

Huskymom said...

Bet, thank you for your commentary and awesome guarding job on the trip. But I see why you failed at sheep herding--you identified Big Horn sheep as "deer"! Sheesh....

Karen_SanDiego said...

I'm on the floor laughing... Husky mom,, great catch I missed that !!

granimar said...

Husky Mom, I saw that too, but was afraid to mention it---Bet will have a reasonable [to her] explanation for it. :-)
Thoroughly enjoyed the updates, though Bet -- great job [and your co-hort Helen, too]

Barbara said...

Enjoyed the updates a whole lot, girls, and will look forward to more in the future. Knew those weren't deer but I misidentified them as antelope. :)