Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Wait For An Update - Bet

Bet here!

I'm sure all of you are anxious for an update, and I sure wish I had one for you, but I don't. 

Sled Dog racing isn't like NASCAR (because the dogs would get really dizzy going around in a circle, and can you imagine how messy that track would get?), and there are long lulls in updates because most of the races are held in really, REALLY remote places that don't have the interwebs (gasp!) and sometimes they don't even have phones (GASP!) or dentastix home delivery (GAH!), so sometimes we all just have to wait it out.

While we all wait for word from the field, I thought I would play a little game with everyone.  There won't be a prize given for the fastest to answer, other than the prize of learning a little bit more about the Musher and her Pretty Sled Dogs.

You can find the answers on this blog and also at the place where the Musher use to put her "diary" entries (before we got her switched over to blogs).

1.) Why didn't Karen run the Yukon Quest in 2006?

2.) How many Iditarods has Karen and the Pretty Sled Dogs run?

3.) How many Iditarods has Karen and the Pretty Sled Dogs finished?

4.) How many times has Karen caught her pants on fire?

5.) What state does Karen sometimes travel to for training?

6.) Why is Kara depicted in cartoons with a fire extinguisher?

7.) What year did Karen break her sled and had to have a replacement flown out to her?

8.) What are the "little piggies"?

9.)  Hector had a bit of an embarrassing issue.  What was it?

10.) What is the name of Kara's dog bed?

I hope that keeps some of you busy until we get a real update from the field.



DJQ said...

Bet you are so funny! You should write a book. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes! I'm guessing on some of them, but I've got to do something while waiting for updates!!
1. Mark injured himself at the end of the Knik 200.
2. eight
3. four
4. twice
5. Montana
6. to put Karen's pants out!!
7. 2008
8. the puppies?
9. Singing at Iditarod checkpoints

Anonymous said...

Bet, I know I am driving you crazy, but I just read on the Rail Trail website that the race had been suspended until Sunday am. Will they be trucking the dogs to the restart site?

Anonymous said...

Silly me! Did I actually answer Montana for #5? I meant Alaska!!