Friday, 7 January 2011

Race Update! - Bet

In what the Eagle Cap Extreme organizers are calling "too close to call" all three of the 200 mile participants are now taking their 6-hour layover resting period in Ollokot.

Musher Start Time Salt CreekMile 9 Ollokot
Mile 48
Ollokot 6hr Layover
Mile 114
Mile 152
Salt Creek
Mile 193
Mile 202
In    Out In

2 Richard Todd 13:03  14:05  18:40 21:39 10:04

3 Steve Madsen 13:06 14:04 19:05 22:56 10:02
4 Karen Ramstead 13:09 14:11 18:42 21:39  10:03

If you are a long-time North Wapiti supporter, you'll know what a layover means... yep, the Musher will either lose or set fire to her pants.  We have high hopes that Richard is similarly flammable, so just wait for that update.

In case you need a visual, here is where they are on the big race map:
I added the circle and arrows so you could see where they were, instead of squinting and looking at squiggly black and red lines.

Hats off to Eagle Cap Extreme for this really cool video of the start of the race

Richard is very handsome, and the Musher looks wonderful, so do the curly tails!

Of course there is no rest for the guard dog and the handler. We have to make sure the truck is safe, and provide updates, and drink coffee, and eat, and stay warm, and sleep. Its a rough life, but someone has to do it.  This morning we had to find some interwebs so we could update the blog, and here we are in action:

Helen (who smells like cookies) is a fantastic writer, but her spelling... eeesh.  She had a whole bunch of stuff about how wonderful the view was, and how the weather wasn't as cold as the curly tails are use to running in, and how nice the people were, and yaaawwwwn, I sent her off on a mission so I could punch up the blog entry a bit while she was gone.
Helen sends a shout out to the volunteer Ham radio operators who are very nice and informative.  I was very excited about the Ham radio operators until I found out that they don't talk on radios made of ham. 

More stuff later, Helen and I are going shopping.... um, I mean we're doing Handler stuff.



Anonymous said...

Dear Bet, what kind of cookies does Helen smell like? I hope chocolate chip or snickerdoodles. Have a great time on your trip and I'm cheering for all of the curly tails.

Marcia who is managed by her own border collie.

Rascal AKA Susan said...

Yes, Bet, curly rtails are fun to race but Border Collies rule.

Love, Rascal, an Oklahoma Border Collie