Sunday, 30 January 2011

An Update! - Bet

Good Morning everyone, Bet here!

Before I go into details, I just want everyone to know the EVERYONE is FINE!

I got a late night call from Helen the handler (who still smells of fresh baked cookies even over the phone) who told me that she got a call last night from the Musher!  This is very weird because normally mushers don't have phone access on the trail... but it turns out the Team North Wapiti was back at the hotel in Grand Forks trying to dry off.

It seems that there were trail issues: trouble marking the trail, all of the new snow (which was really REALLY, did I mention REALLY wet and heavy snow), and the race coordinators decided to suspend the race until Sunday morning at 6 am with a restart at the Fiva check point.  They are cutting out a 40 mile section of the race and will run to the finish which is 60 miles.

The Musher reported that the snow is wet (I think I may have mentioned that already) and everything is soaking wet and heavy.  There has been no place on the trail for them to dry out their gear, so they headed back to the hotel for some drying and rest time.

The curly tail in Richard's bag was Meg, who tweaked her wrist and needed to rest.  To even things out, Beauty will stay on the truck tomorrow to keep Meg company.  Jinx is pooped too, she's been doing a valiant job leading the Musher's team and is a bit sore, so she may stay back and take a well deserved break depending on how she feels in the morning.

The Musher mentioned something about mountains before she got cut off from Helen the Handler... I'm hoping she didn't mean Mt. McKinley and the recent sighting of some balloons and a cat.  We hope to retrieve Bait soon, and have hired some sherpas to go retrieve the wayward kitty.

I am pleased to report that the Musher and Richard are now both underway again at the race, and we hope to have the full story once the Musher dries off the curly tails when they get into Grand Forks again (ETA around 12pm Grand Forks time).



Bakavi said...

Sounds like it was more like "swimming in ice water" than racing. It had to be really bad for them to stop the race and create a restart! Glad everyone is fine and they will feel so much better when they are dry.

Corgi-Mom said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can finally take a deep breath! So glad there were no serious injuries.

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

love your postings and cartoons. Esp. love the huskies. We have a really sweet all white fellow with the most beautiful eyes. Have had 3 others in the past.
Great animals,great pets, great friends.

God Bless, julie

Kutz Fur Mutts said...

I really love your posts, thanks and I will keep reading from Colorado!

Anonymous said...

So have they finished yet-It is now tuesday evening and even on the race website still has nothing. Soooooo we are waiting for the BBCC to let us know what is happeneing. By the way you have been doing a great job of behind the scenes reporting. Love the illistrations. Hope to hear from you soon