Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Musher Banquet - Bet

Howdy ho everyone, its Bet here, still catching up on the things that have been happening here at North Wapiti central!

As the Iditarod time gets closer, we'll be adding more and more fun things that people can do while they support the Pretty Curly Tails and Musher before and during the race if they are going to be in Alaska!

One of the fun events is the Musher Banquet before the start of the race!  This is the time for fans to mingle and mix with the mushers before the big race.  You not only get tasty foods, a chance at winning some cool stuff at the raffle drawings, but you can talk to all of the mushers and pose for pictures and stuff and things!

The 2012 Iditarod Banquet will be held on Thursday March 1st at the Dena'ina Center in downtown Anchorage.  Doors open at 5pm and dress casually.

How cool is it that you are in the same room with all of that Musher talent before the race!  Its really cool, and no matter where you sit, you are a part of the action and get to meet people who are addicted to the sport of mushing at the big race.

As an added extra special bonus, you have a chance to win a seat at THE Musher's table!  There are seven (7) open seats at the Musher's table and to make it fair, we're going to draw 7 names to sit with the Musher at the banquet.

This raffle is only open to people who plan on being at the banquet, and who haven't already bought your tickets (sorry if you already bought a ticket, but rules is rules, I'm a Border Collie and I adhere to the international herding creed of following rules).

There is one name per ticket.  In order to reserve your seat, the Musher must know the name of the winner to tell the Iditarod planners before you buy your tickets, so if you plan on buying 4 tickets for a group, we need all 4 names for the drawing and whoever wins gets the seat.  If you want to fight it out with your group over who actually gets the chair, that's up to you, and we'd appreciate a YouTube video of the fight for entertainment purposes.

So, here's what you need to do:

If you are going to be at the banquet, haven't already bought tickets, and want a chance to sit at the Musher's table, then

  1. Send your name(s) to the Musher Minion ( e-mail by 3 December 2011 (remember one name per ticket you plan on purchasing)
  2. On 4 December 2011 7 names will be drawn
  3. The Musher will submit those names to the Iditarod committee
  4. After the names are submitted to the Iditarod committee, the winners will be announced on the blog
  5. After the names are posted on the blog, the winners are responsible for ordering their tickets from the Iditarod committee (tickets are $75.00).
  6. Everyone else can go order their tickets, and even though you won't be sitting with the Musher, you will have time to meet her in person and hob nob with her, but please... if she's eating, leave her alone, remember its her last hot meal that isn't made in a bucket for a week.
If you have any questions, e-mail the Musher Minion  (

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Anonymous said...

Very nicely said Bet, about "leave her alone if she's eating..." You really need to see if she will take to the start. Your many fans want to meet you too, and after all, Musher Mark can get you home safely.