Monday, 30 April 2012

Ambush Makeover - GuardDog Edition

In case you guys aren't familiar with The Today Show's 'Ambush Makeovers', you can get up to speed here (although really no need, just giving alittle pointless background for the blog).

I headed out onto the 'Plaza' (aka - the Driveway) this morning to get my 'ambush makeover' candidate (aka Victim). This was who I selected.

Cricket is an approximately 5 year old Great Pyrenees cross. She works in the 'security industry' and admits she hasn't had a haircut in a year and a half.

It is important to Cricket that she has an easy to maintain look - she works long hours and many night shifts - and she was insistent that she not be made to look too 'girlie' as being tough is important to her career.

Our stylist knew just the look to go for and set about the task with glee (aka extreme trepidation).

Once again, let's look at Cricket BEFORE -

And now here is Cricket AFTER

Oh Cricket, it has taken 20lbs and 2 years off you!! You look .....ummmm...FABULOUS!!!! Yes, really!!

Cricket loves her new look. She says it is likely to keep shrubs and small trees from getting caught in her leggings and will allow her to better accomplish her job.

Our thanks to our stylist from Spruce Valley Pets for her expertise (aka bravery).

Footnote -

Last I saw Cricket, she was heading off down the trail to see what the Siberians were kicking up such a big fuss about....

 .....I haven't the heart to tell her they think she is a strange dog in the yard!!!


Rascal said...

Cricket looks so pretty without all that hair. She does look more guarddog-like with it but I'm sure it makes her feel better when it is cut off.

Mindy Storen said...

Great grooming job, for sure, but I would have been tempted to leave the mane and tail because Cricket really would look like a lion! She is a beauty!

Barbara and Jerry Lake said...

Are you sure that's Cricket and not some other dog? I agree with the Curly Tails! Who is she? Definitely a cooler, summery look!

Anonymous said...

OMG - she needs some SPF 50 I think and a tail like that will have her head down for weeks. The Pretty Curly Tails probably think she is some freak or maybe some off-bread husky come into the kennel. I wonder will she shun the barrel/flower planter, will she think suicidal thoughts, what trauma brought into the kennel.
Mary in Oregon

Anonymous said...

She went from looking grumpy & frazzled to sassy & styllish!!!
Sitka & his Mom, Lisa (COLS OH)