Monday, 16 April 2012

....And Little Lambs Eat Ivy....

Bet and I headed across the valley today to have coffee with our friend Lisa.
Lisa was the one that brought Bet here to North Wapiti and she owns Border Collies, so she is one cool person according to my freaky little Border Collie. The fact that Lisa also owns a flock of sheep is something Bet chooses not to think about.

I hadn't seen Lisa in months so it was great to catch up, meet her new pup Flint....

Isn't he cute??? He is actually Bet's nephew.
 ...and see all her new lambs!!!

Cute, eh??? Bet wasn't convinced. In fact, she was convinced this one was giving her 'the eye'...

I didn't bother to mention to Bet that he was less then two weeks old and she probably outweighed him.

While we were there I thought it would be a good opportunity for Bet to show off her wonderfully amazing herding abilities.....


"Is she serious?????"

"Away to me what??"

"Besides, I don't see any sheep???"

Bet, they are right behind you.

"Yeah, no, sorry....I don't see anything"

Oh Bet for goodness are a working line border collie.

"Ummmm, I think you have me mistaken for someone else".

That'll do Bet, that'll do.



Nannette Morgan said...

She's too used to herding Siberians; that's the issue! Good on ya Bet!

Caron said...

Lol! Good girl Bet!! You only herd huskies, a leopard or aka a Bet doesnt change its spots :-)

bakavi said...

Karen, you are too young to know "that song!" lol
fun post.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sheeeeeeep :-D.

It's okay Bet. You have a much more important job to do now ;-).

Anonymous said...

And how many other determined computer savvy and blog literate sheep dogs are there ... huh? ... huh?

Can't be good at all things.

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, Bet. Sigh. That's why you now live with the huskies.

Marie Elks said...

Perhaps Bet thought the sheep weren't suitably attired to warrant her attention? ;)