Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bring The Team Home Winner - Bet

Some of you may have seen my picture on the Facebooks today as we went to visit Grandma.

Notice my lack of fashionable ensemble... well, there's a reason for that... its because today we did the drawing for the winner of the Bring The Team Back Home contest!

There were so many peoples that helped the Pretty Curly Tails, Richard, and my wonderful Musher back home.  We were overwhelmed with your support and generosity and humbly thank each and every one of you for your wonderfulness.

There were so many of you, that all of the names wouldn't fit into any hat we had in the house.  We thought about putting them in the planter (aka Richard's bed), but it was filled with mud and icky dead flowers.

We thought it would be really cool if we had one of those baskets they use to call bingo games.  You know, spin it around and one of the little ball things would flip out and we could make a huge bigey big production about announcing the name on video or something really cool like that... but we don't have one of those spinning bingo baskets.


But then I had this fantastic idea!!!  We do have a large spinning thing that we can put all of the names in, but we don't have a way for the winning name to pop out so we could announce it... hmmm

I KNOW!  We'll put Tic in the spinning thing and whatever name sticks to his fur, that's the winner!!!

So, we threw Tic in the dryer with the names **.

The most disturbing thing was that each time he smacked up against the glass, it made him look like gigantic floofy cat... or it could have been that we didn't put one of those fabric softener sheets in there with him... but then none of the names would have stuck.

It did seem to take a long time for Tic to let us know that he had a name stuck to him... it was so hard to tell the angry screaming from the "I have a name" screaming....

But we have a winner!!!!

Congratulations Mary Atkinson!!!!

Please contact Heather Minion so we can get your prize to you jiffy quick!

And that's why I had to go to Grandma's house only wearing my collar... we have to scrub out the dryer because apparently it was a bit of a moving experience for Tic.

- Bet

** please note, we didn't actually throw Tic in the dryer.


Shirly said...

Bet you are so funny I laughed and laughed. Love your blogs. I just did a mental picture.

Karen Kolbeck said...

Hello Bet - I just LOVE Your blogg - nice You help Your musher writing all Your funny comments.
Best regards Karen Kolbeck - Denmark


My, what big paws you have..such a lovely face.


my friend Jan has a great dog blog and she always posts about the race and the huskies..she's a good friend of mushers.