Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Introducing the Cramplings - Bet

Whoo boy, howdy ho everybodies, its been a very, VERY exciting night and day!

Things just moved so jiffy quick that this is the first opportunity I've had to blog about the whole thing, when I wasn't dry heaving into a bucket.

For those of you not in the know (and how could you not know!) Tramp started giving us the "I'm about to birth some babies" signs yesterday.  The Musher and Musher Mark whipped into high gear because Tramp is such an efficient mother that when she says it's time.... IT'S TIME!!!!!

Even though I was around for the Trampling's births, I wasn't allowed in the back room when it all happened.  I really wanted to be a good Aunt and be a part of the whole thing, but the Musher told me that Tramp knew what to do, and having me around might be a distraction, and I'd try to get into all of the pictures with the puppies, and blah blah blah, I wasn't having any of that this time.  I insisted that it was my sworn duty as the official Aunt of all North Wapiti Pretty Curly Tail puppies that I be in the room for the actual whelping.

So, while the Musher and Musher Mark prepared the whelping box (and please note, they totally disassembled my wonderful comfy whelping box and put that silly plastic swimming pool in the back room... harumpf), I kept Tramp company in the house.

Um, no Tramp, that isn't your whelping box.  It doesn't even look like a box, its my couch.  You can't have your Cramplings on MY couch... seriously... no really seriously.

Um, ok, now really REALLY seriously you can't have the Cramplings on MY cloud.  No, I'm pretty sure the cover is washable, but you can't have them there, that's my cloud.  Um... why does it need to be washable?

While I was still trying to figure out why the cloud needed to be washable, Tramp sauntered into the kitchen and ate my leftovers!  Um... ok, fine, she's in labor and all, but... I was saving those for later in case things took a long time.  Sigh.

Minutes later I found out WHY it needs to be washable.  OHMYGAH!!!!!

Did everybodies know that stuffs and things came out WITH puppies?  THEN WHY DIDN'T ANYBODIES SAY ANYTHING?????

We barely got her into the whelping pool and ya know what... a pool was totally the right thing for all of that stuffs and things going on... I stand humbly corrected on that I tell you what!

Being the good mom she is, Tramp quickly cleaned each little Crampling that came out.

First came Crampling #1, a little girl curly tail that is the spitting image of her father Crunchie.  Before anyone asks, we know that the father is definitely Crunchie.  The Musher actually let them do a little... um sumthin sumthin before the whole Iditarod thing, and there's no way any of the hijinx on the trail could have played a part in this because of the whole timing stuffs and things... and junk.

Anyhoo!  Before we knew it, here comes a Trampie looking little girl pup!

#3 was a really, really black boy!  I was almost getting over the whole... oogie experience because she was just shooting out puppies rapid fire (did I mention there's a smell... urp).

#4 was a dark grey heavy masked boy... awww, he's really cute too and came out screaming just like mom!

#5 was a Tramp colored boy, and #6 another Tramp colored boy!

We thought that was it, but then here comes another little girl that looks just like her dad!

That's 7 total Cramplings!  3 girls and 4 boys!!!

I don't know if it was the excitement, the visuals, the smell, or the fact that after having given birth to 7 wonderful little squeaky curly tails, Tramp got up and ate a big meal like nothing unusual at all happened... well, I threw up in a bucket.

But we do have a winner in the Crampling Puppy Pool!

Please contact Heather minion and give her your mailing address so we can send you a cool prizey thing by clicking here: Musher Minions
 or sending an e-mail to: help4northwapiti@gmail.com

Looking at the happy family now...

They are cute and adorable and clean and soon I'll be herding them and teaching them all sorts of cool Auntie things... I think that I'm more cut out for just being the good Aunt that takes charge after they come into the world.

Tramp is a good mom and she can handle that whole whelping thing without my help.  I think when it's Boo's turn... I'll stay out in the yard.

The Musher and Musher Mark are thinking of calling them names of games.  So far the Musher's favorites are: Scrabble, Puzzle, Twister, Sudoku, Yahtzee, Checkers, Clue, and Trouble.

Trouble?  Seriously?  Look what happened to Tramp, and you want to call one of the Cramplings "TROUBLE".  I'm doomed.

- Bet


Susan said...

Auntie Bet, where were you last year when she had the litter? Or did you put the whole thing out of your mind? You will be the best auntie ever...telling them stories of their mom on the trail and how you took care of her right before they were born. Good Dog Dear Bet!

Merm said...

What a great description of the events surrounding the birth of the Cramplings! Thank you Aunt Bet for making sure everything was being taken care of and reported back to us. It sounds like you've got a lot of work ahead herding 7 baby sibes! I look forward to your future posts.

Nicole said...

Please, dear Bet tell your Musher, that the Name Trouble is not the best idea. We have pups they are now 7 month old and we named one Trouble and what can I say he is like his name ... :)
... and thank you for your great post. Nicole

Samoyed gal said...

Thanks Bet for the real story. Looking forward to hear how the pups and Mom are doing. Just a suggestions, get your nap time in now and hide all your special toys.

The Thundering Herd said...

Yahtzee? Sorry (what a Siberian name)? Risk? Stratego? Go?

Ok, and names even we rejected, but still we have to mention - Trivial Pursuit (ok, that may be a little long)? Battleship? And, of course, Angry Birds?

Anonymous said...

my very favorite game is BOGGLE

Anonymous said...

Monopoly, Tag, chess,

Caron said...

CONGRATS Tramp! You make it looks like puppy play :-) And Musher Mark and Karen, I like the names, very cool! Good Luck Bet on Aunty duty.

SAY said...

That was a great story of the birthing & I just loved the cartoon. Rest up as there is more to come.

Becky and Husky Ryn, from Iowa, U.S.A. said...

Congratulations Auntie Bet! (Oh and to Tramp and Crunchie, of course!) Be careful what you name them, they tend to live up to those names. "Trouble" could well be - trouble! Please work on smell-a-vision so we can all get our fill of puppy breath.

Becky and Husky Ryn, from Iowa, U.S.A. said...

Congratulations Auntie Bet! (Oh and to Tramp and Crunchie, of course!) Be careful what you name them, they tend to live up to those names. "Trouble" could well be - trouble! Please work on smell-a-vision so we can all get our fill of puppy breath.

Jane Eagle said...

HUGE congrats to all at N. Wapiti, especially Tramp, Mom Extraordinaire! I am soooo tempted to camp out on your doorstep until you let me have one of them...except I promised myself: NO MORE PUPPIES! But, oh, my: they are going to be amazing! So happy for you all!
Blessings, Jane

Shirly said...

Congratulations Tramp and Crunchie lovely babies. I like the ones that look like Crunchie. Will be following them. You know Bet give them six or eight weeks and then your work will start!!

Diane Huffman said...

I loved this blog! Well written and entertaining. I like the wading pool idea. :)