Friday, 13 April 2012

Tales of the Trail 2012 - Prologue

It's a rainy spring morning in mid April in Perryvale.  I'm sitting in my favorite blue chair sipping on a lovely cup of Starbucks French Roast coffee. Mark is sunk into his chair munching on some, warm from the oven, Bubble bread. Richard is back in England. Bet is freshly bathed (as she has to be every day in the spring) all shiny and fabulous smelling, curled up in her favorite chair. The huskies are mostly napping in their houses due to the rain. Tic is snoozing on the Cloud...and Bait....last I saw he was guarding the bathroom door. Not entirely sure where the Stupid Cat is right now though (which always makes me a touch nervous).

It's a perfect time to sit down and start telling stories. Specifically Iditarod stories....

I'd be lying if I said that the race went according to plan and was everything I hoped it would be. Like much of my 2011/2012 season, things turned out 'well', but it seems that there was always alot of drama, scrambling and clawing to make it turn out that way.

I hope that I do a good enough job telling the stories that you feel both the struggle, but more importantly, the magic that the Iditarod was!!



Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! I've missed the tales from the trail that you did in the past. Glad to see them coming back.

Nannette Morgan said...

I'm sure you'll do an excellent job, Karen. You always do!! I'm excited to relive the Iditarod through your and the PCT's eyes ;-)

Pat from MN said...

Can't wait to read them although internet access is not great here (in Tanzania for 2 weeks).