Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mudability - Bet

All this talk about showers and stuff must have put some funny ideas in the Musher's head.

I assure you that this was not payback for Tramp's unfortunate shower incident.  Nope.

You see, its spring here at North Wapiti.  With spring you get stupid hummingbirds (I hate you), and mud.  Lots of mud.  Mud-a-plenty.

Its not my fault I get muddy!  I'm suppose to go do my chores and my chores demand that I patrol the perimeter and see if there's anything I need to herd around.  Then I have to stop by and see the Tramplings, and Skecher always likes to play, and that means I get a tiny bit muddy!  Its MY JOB!!!  I can't help it if I get muddy on MY JOB!

The Musher doesn't like it when I come back to the house all muddy.  They have rugs, so I don't know what the big deal is, and I usually manage to wipe most of the mud off on the couch, so what's all the fuss about????

Everyone laughed when I mentioned the nice frock I wanted

Isn't that adorable???!!!!????

Of course I know I couldn't wear it every day while I worked, but a girl wants something to wear when she's ... oh I don't know... THROWING A BABY SHOWER PARTY THINGIE!

I'm practical!  I know I couldn't possibly wear such fancy duds out when I'm doing my rounds.  I'd need something waterproof and mudproof and easy to take off so I'm not tracking mud all over the place and therefore....

Check it out!  Isn't that adorable??!!!  The model is too, but I digress... the coat is not only fashionable, but functional, and so are the totally adorable little sneaker booties!!!!!

I could totally see myself styling through the dog yard wearing this, and I would be totally mud free and wouldn't have to endure these stupid baths!!!

Yes, yes, there would be times when I would need a bath after some of my more intense training sessions

- Bet

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Caron said...

Was this the jacket that the online web salesmen was stalking you about Bet :-)