Sunday, 15 April 2012

Around The Yard...

The weather here has been dready, rainy, snowy, muddy and cold the past few days. Just plain YUCKY if you ask me. Be winter or be spring - this 'in between' stuff is pointless!!!!

Anyway, while I was shoveling the yard this afternoon the sun decided to make a brief appearance, so I pulled out my camera and snapped a few photos as I worked and thought I'd share them!

 When I shovel 'Geriatric Park' Olena never fails to remind me that SIX of her children were on my Iditarod team this year!!! And I will admit, that is a HUGE accomplishment. For the record, the six were Tess, Charge, Astro, Tramp, Turtle and Smartie. You have every right to be proud Ollie!

Just in case anyone thought I might be stretching the truth when I said Tramp was as big as a house - here she is. She still has 12 days to go till her due date. YIKES!!!!! 

Why Itty Bitty Betty is spending so much time in the bathtub lately.

Just in case they didn't look as dirty as they really are in the first picture...

Billie enjoying the brief bit of sun!

Pop telling me all sorts of stories about his winter.

Todd. This was seconds before he took off doing full speed laps around his circle to show me how incredibly fast he is!!! (and he is!)

And finally....NEO showing off a few of his 'spring projects'!!!

Hope you enjoyed your 'virtual visit' with them as much as I enjoyed my 'real' visit!!!



Shirly said...

Every day Karen I fill in holes in my excersize yard from the house dogs and in my runs I just need more gravel as I have some very big holes. Jack says it is pointless and they dig the gravel up. I want to fill them with bricks. Guess what he don,t like the idea. I guess you know who will win that one. Siberians just love to dig and I have talkers too. My Shepherds don,t talk but Kira when she was about a year and a half mastered the husky howel and she in purebred german lines german shepherd. Now at 11 she can still join in the chorus. I have two more that did not choose to learn. Bet well when mud comes in my house depending how bad it is I put them on the grooming table and a pan of water for each foot till it is clean. So not new at my house after all mud all over the place isn,t fun to clean and my huband and his boots grrr I have to clean up and not say what I am thinking. My thirteen year old Queenie still lets you know her pleasures and displeasures she lives in the house and so does crabby give who will be thirteen in July. In his old age he is a grump except he likes our puppies I think aside from food that is the only thing he likes. Your mamma who produced six of your dogs who ran with you this year should have some special treats. But still Crunchie is my favorite for his age and how good he did. Special boy for sure. Dogs to be very proud of.

Anonymous said...

Is Olena still evil?

Barbara said...

Bet looks SO proud of herself. :) Love the digging projects too.