Monday, 9 April 2012

Puppy Shower Party Thing (and stuff) - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies,

I bet it comes as no surprise that the diaper cake thingy was a complete disaster.  Luckily it just melted all over the rather expensive baking dish thingy that had been in the family since who knows when and is now being used as a decorative thing in the trash.

Once again, that pesky language barrier thing got in the way, and instead of BAKING a diaper cake, you are suppose to take diapers and pile them up to LOOK like a cake... which is confusing.  I really wish the interwebs would explain things a bit more.

Speaking of explaining things a bit more, I was completely horrified when I started reading all about the role of a mid-wife.  I thought that was something else I was expected to do.  The Musher kindly explained that Tramp would do all of the work and I probably wouldn't even know the puppies were being born, and what a relief that was!!!  There were words in the mid-wife thing that were downright scary!  Stuffs about breaking water (I never knew water could be broken, I'll have to try that sometime when the hose is out), and then something about a oogie plug thing... urp.  Here's a hint:  don't read stuffs about birthing things when you're eating.

So... back to this shower party thing that I'm suppose to throw for Tramp.  Apparently its not even really a party, but more like a "get stuff for the mom for when the puppies arrive" kind of thing.  Hmmm... this means I have to come up with a useful gift.  I really don't have that much stuffs... and things.  Just my fashionable ensembles, my collar, and some money I've saved up.  Plus, what sort of useful thing could Tramp use (except a muzzle) for when the puppies arrived?

I dug around and found her something in the Musher's closet

Ok, its not very useful, but its pretty!  Plus later on the pups can use it to teeth, since its made out of really nice and tasty leather stuffs.

The MOST useful stuffs I made while everyone was out doing mushing stuffs... and things!  I'm very proud of my handiwork because I used only renewable resources... renewable as in stuffs I found laying around the house.

The biggie big thing about this whole whelping (which is the same word as giving birth) thing is the cushy whelping box where the puppies are born.  Its suppose to be soft and comfy and safe for the puppies, but allows momma Tramp to get up and out to do her things and stuffs without the puppies trying to follow her.

In the past, the Musher has used something like this:

Ugh, seriously???  A kiddie pool???  That doesn't look comfy, soft, and safe!!!!!  It's so plain!  It's so boring!!!!!  It's so non-fashionable!!!

That will not do, so my gift to Tramp and the soon to arrive Cramplings was a new custom-built, state of the art, fashionable and cushy whelping box!

Now that's what I call a classy whelping box!!!!  I glued M&Ms to the outside, cut out a bit of the Musher's bed to put in there, and made the mobile with cotton balls and cheese I painted black for the baa baa sheepie things faces!

SHHH!!!  Don't tell Tramp about it yet, its a surprise.  Also don't tell the Musher about the square in her bed... she'll figure that out tonight I'm sure.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Bet, you are so incredibly thoughtful...and creative!

Mark and Pat in MN said...

Sounds like the shower and puppy prep is really coming along - way to go, Bet. One of the games at the shower has to be "guess how many boy puppies and how many girl puppies there will be" - and start thinking of names or at least a theme.

Caron said...

Hey Bet :-) We had a baby shower here at work last week and I took a picture of teh diaper cake! So I will be emailing it to the Musher for you to look at :-)

Hope this clears the confusion and I LOVE the M&M touch super classy.

Love Caron and furries in South Africa

Anonymous said...

OMG I am laughing so loud my coworkers want to know what the heck I am doing in my office!!!!
That whelping bed is the funniest thing I have ever seen! How do you come up with this stuff, Bet?
You really have missed your calling in life. You need to be a stand up comic and use illustrations your act!!! Kudos to you for all the new stuffs you are learning about birthing & all!!!
Thanks for the much needed chuckle, Sitka's Mom Lisa(OH)

Cyber-sibes said...

Wowzers, Bet! woo are so very creative!!! I'd love one of those beds & I'm not even whelping-- Do woo think the musher would miss another square out of hers?

Miss Moo
PS - I am a champion puppy-sitter, in case woo need an extra set of paws with the little ones.