Tuesday 27 May 2003

May 27, 2003

I want to take the opportunity to congratulation (and brag about) one of our 'kids'.This past weekend 'Hugi' - NorthWapiti's TuColdTuRain Hugi and his owner, Jackie Wepruk obtained their CDX title.

As many of you know, Siberians can be a challenge to show in the obedience ring - but Hugi and Jackie are making it look easy. Hugi obtained both his CD and CDX each in three straight trials. Although he didn't achieve the HIT's and amazing scores (like a 198.5) that he did on the way to his CD, his scores were still ones that would make most Siberian owners drool!

We like to think that Hugi's breeding has something to do with these great results - but in reality, Mark and I know it is the tremendous amount of work and dedication that Jackie has put into Hugi that is making him such a great boy.

BTW - just to brag about how versatile his lines are - Hugi's Mom was a Best in Show winning Siberian and his Dad is an Iditarod finisher. Two of Hugi's littermates were on my Iditarod team this past winter and 3 of them will be out and about in the show ring this summer. :)

Congratulations Jackie and Hugi!!! I know Breezy is somewhere grinning down at you with a big Siberian grin - she always knew her babies were amazing.