Tuesday 17 November 2015

Raffle for a Wonderful Cause - Bet


You need to get in on this because it's a cart the Musher donated, and the proceeds are going to the Willow Sockeye Fire destruction thing, and it'll help a lot of people things, and you might win it even and stuff and things!!!

Here's the scoops:

Without further ado, here is our big, huge, exciting announcement:
your chance to win a brand new Arctis Cart for only $10!
Our latest model 3-wheel cart with the following specs and options:
LWH 72x48x48"
Winner gets to choose 90 or 120lb version
Folds flat to 20" height
Hydraulic disc brakes on rear wheels
"Digger" claw brake
Rear suspension
Traction tires
Powder coated frame, winner picks color
Sled bag
Commemorative "North Wapiti Kennels / Arctis Cart" plaque
Retail value $2929
Earlier this year, we were trying to come up with creative ideas for our continued support of Karen Ramstead's team for the next season. One idea was, to donate the proceeds of a cart auction/raffle to Karen's kennel. 
In June, the Sockeye fire destroyed 26 homes in the mushing community of Willow, AK, most of those were mushing kennels.
Karen and us decided to change plans, donate not only proceeds, but 100% of the funds to the Willow Dog Mushers in order to help with recovery.
In April of this year, we had just been to Willow to deliver one of our carts to a local musher, whose home (and new cart) were also destroyed in the fire, so this one hit even closer to home for us.
So here's what you need to do:

If you are outside(lower 48) call Underdog Feeds at (907)373-6851 with your credit card number and get one ticket or ten. Limited to 1000 tickets.

Here's the flyer... 

NOW GET ON THE PHONE!!! Don't make me get bitey face!!!!

Sunday 15 November 2015

Ramstead vs Ramstead

The Rousey / Holm fight in Melbourne yesterday had NOTHING on the Ramstead / Ramstead Border Collie weight match here at the kennel today.

Round one was hotly contested from the opening bell.

 The Champion used cunning and experience, while the young upstart relied on teeth and speed!

The crowd was on the edge of their seats!!!!!!!!

After much discussion, the judges gave the first round to the Champion!

Round 2 started out well for Ramstead, but quickly Ramstead got the upper paw.

And then it happened..... to the shock of all, the Champion was knocked out

I think a rematch is already in the works...

Puppy Name Scoop - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I'm sorry that I've neglected my bloggity blogging duties lately, but I've been ultra mega mega busy around here, what with mentoring Twig and NEW PUPPIES, and my usual duties around North Wapiti Kennels!

I was trying to let Twig do more with the bloggity blog, but she's a youngster still, more interested in doing stuffs and things and short attention span, and getting distracted, and not following through with stuffs and things...

Anyhoo, where was I?  OH YES!!!!  I have a big scoopity scoop about the puppies!!!

I overhead the Musher and Musher Mark discussing the litter name!  I know, I know they were born during that whole "Back to the Future" thingie, but Biff didn't like her name, and Dee Lori Ann was mad that she had been named after a crappy car and blah blah blah.

I mean, just listen to the complaining!

Posted by Karen Ramstead / North Wapiti Kennels on Friday, November 13, 2015
Who wants to listen to that all the time!  Eeesh.  They're almost as bad as the Poutines of Anarchy.

So the Musher and Musher Mark thought and thought and pondered and paced and looked up stuffs and things and finally I overheard the litter theme while I was relaxing on my clouch with a sheet of comforting fabric softener.

WHAT?  You don't like the soothing scent of fabric softeners**?  I love the used fabric softeners because they smell very nice, and when you roll on them, they keep the lint from your furs!!  You should try it sometime, especially when you've had a rough day and just need a little sumthin to calm your nerves....

what?  OH the LITTER NAME, yes, yes... ok, so are you ready?

I heard the Musher say that they will name the litter after Puddles.

YES!!!  I love Puddles the clown!!!  His versions of popular and iconic songs are visionary and moving.

His version of "Royals" is splendid, full of pathos and anger, but still pride.  He recently did a Coldplay song!

Of course I really have no idea what the names will be, because I was so happy that the Musher and Musher Mark were honoring Puddles that I ran off and told Twig and asked her to help me celebrate this new....

What Musher?  I'm busy with the bloggity blogging the puppy names!!!!  Yes, I'm telling the peoples the litter theme and I couldn't be happier that.... wha?  Seriously?

Um... okey dokey peoples, so apparently I may have mistaken the litter name a tad bit... erm... it seems that the litter theme will be "Puzzles"... not Puddles.

I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed, but Puzzles are fun... I'm sure there will be good names there and all that... I'll just let the Musher introduce them to you...

Um... sigh... I guess I'm going to have to break the news to Twig now... she's not going to be happy at all...

Does anybodies know how to get greasepaint out of furs?  Just drop me a line... ok?

- Bet

** Professional stunt Border Collie, don't try the fabric softener thingie at home, or without human supervision, only use used fabric softeners and don't be stupid and eat them, they're bad for your digestive systems... this warning was brought to you by one of the Minions who worries about all things legal and suey.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Maybe Ensembles Are Kinda Cool - Twig

Now that winter is fast approaching (snow is cold, it's also squishy between your toes in a neat sort of way), Bet broke out her huge collection of ensembles.  Apparently she does it every year to weed out the things that don't fit, are "out", and to plan her shopping year (apparently scarves are still "in").

Don't get me wrong, we Border Collies have some fur on us.  We are, afterall, designed to herd the sheeps in all sorts of weather.  Herding isn't just for nice weather, the sheeps must get to the pastures on time and get off the pastures on time and time waits for no sheeps.  Neither rain, nor mush, nor icky, nor anything else can keep a Border Collie from its assigned sheeps.

Of course, Border Collies usually aren't up here in the cold regions, and usually Border Collies aren't herding Pretty Curly Tails in ear deep snow... so it's ok for us to wear a little sumthin sumthin to stave off that cold and ick.

I get that now!  I kind of mocked Bet and her ensembles, but I do get it now.  It's ok to be warm AND fashionable.  Doesn't make you any less of a Coolie.

The reason I get it now is because Bet gave me this fantastic sweatshirt!

I know it's a bit hard to see, because it perfectly matches my furs, so here's a better shot of it:

Check it out!  It's an official North Wapiti sweatshirt!  It fits beautifully!  A hood to keep my ears warm in the winter, the sleeves aren't so long and won't interfere with my herding, and it actually makes me look a bit slimmer!

It even has the red and purple laces like the ones available on the Musher's little shop page for humans!

I've been told that there are still human-versions available on the shop that you can buy!  They're very fleecy, warm, comfy, and make you look like a fierce super-model!

If you haven't already gotten one, I highly recommend you do!

You can go here and take a look at the human versions, then follow the link on that page to contact the Helpful Minions to get pricing and shipping info and you can actually buy one!  You can look as fierce as me... and be stylish!

- Twig