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We love our fans!  If it wasn't for you, Karen and the Pretty Sled Dogs couldn't do the amazing things they have done through the years!

We rely on you for sponsorship, donations, and support and we humbly thank you for years of dedication!  We hope that through our blog and our Facebook page, we've made you feel like a member of the Kennel and a part of the North Wapiti experience!

If you would like to support Karen and the Pretty Sled Dogs, here are some ways that you can help!  All money goes to North Wapiti Kennels!

Buy a Round of Kibble

A donation of $51(CAD) will buy the Pretty Sled Dogs a round of Kibble in the "Buy a Round of Kibble" plan.

Click the donation button below to "Buy a Round of Kibble"!

Shopping on Amazon?

If you are buying something from Amazon, why don't you use the North Wapiti affiliate program!  Just click the Amazon Affiliate link below and do your shopping and North Wapiti will get a commission!  You can shop and help the Pretty Sled Dogs at the same time!

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