Sunday 13 April 2014


It seems the most common question on the kennel Facebook page these days is - is Molly bored?

I asked her and did I ever get a response...

Yes, she is bored....

....very bored.

She says everything is about them and they are truly demanding! Feed....




It never ends!!!

I reminded her how lovely they were and that really she should just be proud of them.


"You are right", she said "They are the most PERFECT puppies on the planet!!!".

For the record, Carbon's eyes opened today, so they should all start to be more 'fun' soon Molly!!!

Introducing the Molly Toddles - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Now that the excitement is all over and the new Pretty Curly Tails are settled in and healthy and happy, it's time to introduce the Molly Toddles.

Yes, yes, I know, the Musher HATES that I call them the Molly Toddles for some reason, but I have to say that it's much better than what she's called them!  I want to be on the record that I disapprove of the new naming scheme.  I think it's totally demeaning to the sweet, sweet little puppies and will only cause them to grow up with horrible issues that will most certainly require them to go through extensive therapy... maybe even cause them to start taking harmful substances like cat nip (I'm pretty sure Tic is a dealer).

Sigh... so without further ado (because really, isn't there enough ado in the world?)... I present the Clown Litter:

Oh just look at them!  They're already mortified!  How could the Musher name them after something so icky and scary!!  They are just sweet little puppies and ...



As in they all look alike and its really hard to tell them apart?

Oh... um... well... nevermind.

Look everybodies!  It's the CLONE litter!

There's little Repeat or Pete (even though it should be Peat, but that's dirt and... well...)

Then there's little Ditto

Xerox, also known as Roxie

And last but not least, little Carbon

They are all just little squeeky sausage puppies right now, but I've been making sure they are getting daily lessons on how to be a good little Pretty Curly Tail and making sure they know that I will be watching over them constantly as their official nanny.

- Bet

Sunday 6 April 2014

The Ride Home and Cool Surprises - Bet

Well golly gee whiz everybodies, it's been a while since we've bloggity blogged now hasn't it!!???!!!

Whoosh, so sorry, it's been a bit hectic around here, what with getting the Musher's Iditarod stuffs and things back from the trail, and then having to drive lickity split down the highway to get home because a certain Pretty Curly Tail threatened to have pups on the side of the highway, and then...  oh wait, let me just slow down and tell you the whole story.

Anyhooooooo... there we were in Willow, Alaska at our splentastic guest home (thanks again to Jamie and Harry and Toby and Kip, and Ash, and the horsies, and the Pretty Curly Tails there and... oh wait, I think that's everybodies) and the Musher finally got her stuffs and things back from the trail.

The trail peoples were so nice that they made sure they took out all of the nice notes that the checkpoint goodie bag sponsors sent and gave them to the Musher... but they kept the goodies of course (that's the Iditarod law).

With all of the stuffs and things back, there really was no reason to stay any longer... especially because Molly Waddle Puppies On the Way was telling everyone that would listen that she really felt like giving birth at any moment.

Hey!  I'm pretty sure I'm about to squirt out some pups here!
So, rather than risk a birthing on the side of a highway, the Musher and her friend Keri threw everything and everyone into the dog truck and peeled out heading for home.

It was one continuous drive home... mile after mile, rest stop after rest stop, Starbucks after Starbucks, then Timmy's after Timmy's.  Oh the bladdermanity.

Every Pretty Curly Tail stop Molly threatened to ploop out the Molly Toddles.  We couldn't have that.  Pretty Curly Tails MUST be plooped out in the pool in the back room!!!!

Keri didn't seem that concerned... she actually FELL ASLEEP ON ME!!!

I told her that she had to worry while I took a nap, so we took turns alternating between worrying and napping, so that worked out well.

As we got closer, I got a bit more worried.

Did anyone hear that?  Is that moo'ing?  Are we there yet????

Ok, seriously, we have to be getting closer!!!!

Thankfully we got home in the nick of time, and when I say "nick of time" I mean we had like 2-3 more days before she went into labor... eeeesh, drama queen.

There were all sorts of cool surprises when we got home too!

Rocky looks great!  He was very happy to see us and was disappointed that he didn't get to go on the Iditarod where he could have dropped out and gotten a ride on a snowmachine.

Turtle spoke for the whole team when he said "so good to be home again".

The best gift of all was that Musher Mark bought me a new quad!!!  No SERIOUSLY!

My new quad
For some reason the card had the Musher's name on it and a very sweet poemy thing, but it's MINE... see!!!

It even has my very own slip proof platform shaped like a bone (apparently he couldn't get one shaped like a waffle) on the back for me to be chauffeured in style.

Very comfy!  We took it out for its maiden voyage.

Musher Mark is the BESTEST!!!!

Then there was KD... sigh.

She's changed... A LOT!!!!  I suspect that those meddling cats Bait and Tic have been filling her delicate little cute head with all sorts of lies about me while I was gone.  It didn't help that I came home smelling like Toby, and stompy horses, strange Curly Tails, Kip and Ash, Starbucks, Timmy's and all sorts of exciting places and stuffs and things.  She also had been following our adventures on Facebooks and saw all of the cool stuffs and things we got to do and blamed me for ratting her out when she tried to hide in the sled bag and wouldn't let her go along.

She also grew a lot... she's HUGE.  Like a puma or something.

The Musher thought that maybe we could make amends and be friends again if we had breakfast together, so she made us waffles.

I don't know if our relationship will ever be the same, but at least she stopped threatening me every time we were alone.

Next bloggity blog I'll tell you all about the Molly Toddles!!

- Bet