Sunday 31 July 2011

Very Funny - NOT - Bet

The other day the musher broke out all of the goodies from Three Dog Bakery and displayed them in front of me... making me think that they were all (rightfully so) mine.

Cruel, yeah I know.  She's like that.

Want even crueler?  She was bribing me to sit on the cloud and look like I was interested in the treats.  Seriously?  Who needs bribing when they're sitting right next to boxes and boxes full of cookies?  Of course I would have looked more enthusiastic if she would have broken up a box of one of those tasty treats.  By the way, apple and oatmeal fit into the dessert part, after the duck (I know a duck is a bird, eeesh, they don't have beady little angry eyes and long pointy pointy beaks and hover right in front of your face taunting you with sudden blindlness!)... but I digress.

So, here's an out-take of the photo shoot, where the Musher flings a common dog treat at me to get me to look a certain way for the camera.
Click on the picture to make it huge so you can see the dog treat whistling straight for my face, but that isn't what made me look all wild eyed and concerned.

I thought it was one of these:
Those hummingbirds are freaks of nature!

- Bet

Thursday 28 July 2011

Thanks to Three Dog Bakery

Yesterday a box arrived in the mail from our friends at the Three Dog Bakery San Clemente.

Bet was ecstatic.

"Where to start??? Maybe the 'Thinkers' (which are make of duck - please don't tell her ducks are birds), with a main course of bagels, and a dessert of 'Classic Cremes'"

"But then were do the Apple and Oatmeal biscuits fit in???"

"Very hard decisions!!"

"Whhhhaatt? What do you MEAN I have to share with the SIBERIANS????????"


Huge thanks to Matt and Claire for all the fantastic treats for dogs, humans and even Bait!!!

"However did you know my size??"

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Don't Be Fooled By Their Cuteness

Every time a commercial for the new Smurf movie comes on TV Bet throws Mark or I one of 'those' looks. Their tag line has become her new motto for the Tramplings - "Don't be fooled by their cuteness".

Even though the Tramplings are getting into that 'pointy' stage of their life (think 13 year old boys), they are still pretty darn cute...

 ...but Bet knows what lies behind their cuteness.

 ...and this....

"Pure evil", she says "Don't be fooled by their cuteness"!!!

Sunday 24 July 2011

Just How Much???

I hate to dwell on the rain, especially since today was lovely and RAIN FREE (yeah!!!), but when Bet and I were biking around our dog trails today I was shocked to see all the water on the trails.

In the spring of years with big snowfalls we get a big puddle that forms on one of our main trails. It's great for puppy training (well, there was that one year that it caused me some BIG trouble - Five Miles From Home ) but it is usually gone well before the end of April.

This was it in the spring of 2010...

 And here it is in  the spring of '09...

And here's a few pictures of it today...

Here's a different view of the puddle in '09...

....and today...

I told Bet that the blog would be better if there was a dog in the 'puddle' to give 'perspective'. This was her response...

How rude!!!!!

But trust me, there is A LOT of water down here in the valley!!!



Well, one of these days the weather will get back to 'normal' and I can get blogging about sled dogs again - but right now they are all just shedding, working on their tans, and trash talking each other about the upcoming season (and we will have some exciting news about that early this coming week!!!).

In the meantime I'm staying pretty active!! After getting the yard chores done and watching the last of the Tour de France with Bet, I headed over to Husch's to go riding. Gabi wasn't around, so it was just Melody and I today (and Husch's 'Cricket' - Belle).

Melody grabbed a quick snack before we head out.

We had a really nice ride.

Melody grabbing a quick snack after our ride - do you see a theme here???

She's a character of a horse and I'm very much enjoying spending time with her!!!! 

Big thanks to Gabi for trusting me with her!!!! 

And don't worry Mom, I'm being responsible and wearing a helmet!!!!

Funny how the older I get, the more careful I am with things like my brain!!!!

When I got home, I was greeted by this....

I think that is the border collie version of the cold shoulder....

Oh dear!!!

I had been thinking of taking my bike out for a road ride, but this meant a change of plans was in order - Bet and I hit the dog trails instead!!

I'm still working on the biking and taking pictures thing - not as easy as running dogs and taking pictures!!

I think the cold shoulder treatment is gone!!! She might even be smiling at me now!!!


Saturday 23 July 2011

Who'll Stop The Rain???

Don't you just hate rainy, humid weather when you can't do a thing with your hair???

Me too Cricket, me too

"and I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?"