Sunday 23 October 2016

2017 Calendars on Sale - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!  See that biggie big arrow up there?

It's pointing to the tab that says 2017 North Wapiti Calendar and if you clickity click that tabby thing then it'll take you to the page that will let you buy your 2017 North Wapiti Calendar!

Isn't that easy!?!?  We like to make things easy, especially when it means you'll get to hang a little slice of North Wapiti on your wall and gaze upon us all year round!

Here's just a tiny taste of what you get to gaze upon in December!

Decorative fall leaves not included
So get to clickity clicking because supplies are limited.  Act now, operator Minions are standing by.

Oh, and North Wapiti patches are still available too, so get them while you can also, because once supplies run out... they run out, then there won't be any more, then you'll be sad, and we don't want you to be sad.  Don't be sad.

- Bet

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Need Help Ensembling! - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I have a biggity big favor to ask everyone and it's SUUUPER important!

As you know, we all go for walks.  When I say all, I mean EVERYONE, practically.

As the wintery winter comes our way, it is getting darker earlier, and since our walks now resemble more of a herd, it's a little hard for the Musher to keep track of everyone.

This is how it looks:

Fortunately the FABulous people at Head-Lites have provided us Border Coolies and the Pretty Sled Dogs with these ultra blingy, totally handy, and wonderfully bright Head-Lites collars so the Musher knows where we are.

I'm purple, Zac is green, and Twig is pink

The problem is that none of the Head-Lites collars that we have will fit around the massively hugey huge necks of Cricket, Bear, and that big fat cat Bait.

Well, problem solved because those adorably wonderful Head-Lites peoples have offered to send us sizes that will fit them all!  Yes, they even have a size for that big, bloaty cat thing Bait (he's getting a small dog size... he thinks he's a dog... he's not a dog, seriously, he's not a dog).

Here comes the help we need.... what colors do we get them?  We want your choices, so in the bloggity blog comments, or on the Facesbooks, please go look at the different stuffs and things and then comment on what you think would match the furs of Bear, Cricket, and Bait!

Here's the linkity link for the collars... click this

Get commenting so we can order them!


- Bet