Monday 29 April 2013

Explain Yourselves!!!

My husband and former handlers can tell you one of my REALLY BIG pet peeves is when I put a nice meal on the table and the intended diners don't 'jump' when called. I mean, I went to the trouble of making it and putting it on the table - all I ask is that you act somewhat appreciative and come when dinner is put on the table.

So, Saturday night I provided a buffet meant for the coyotes (the 'daytime buffets' seem to mostly attended by ravens). On the menu was chilled chicken skins. Yes, previously frozen - but you are COYOTES, you can't be too picky!!!!!

Okay, so maybe you were out partying elsewhere on a Saturday night, as the skins were still there when Bet and I checked the next morning...

...but I know you knew the meal was there a 23 scant minutes later....

Did you enthusiastically dig in??? Nope - but the ravens did....

Less then an hour after they discovered my offerings their party was in full swing.

And you guys??? It was 2 1/2 hours later that you stopped by again!!!!

Hmmmm, yes - almost all the skins are gone!! You snooze, you lose!!!

Don't tell me you were scared off by the ravens 'cause I saw this... don't look too scared.

I still have another few blocks of meat to dispose of, but since you keep ignoring my 'meals' I'm done tromping out there at dusk. You guys are on your own now!!!

Good luck!!!

Friday 26 April 2013

I Thought It Was Never Coming!!!


For about 6 months of the year the dogs have water buckets on hooks on the side of their houses, but for the other 6 months we need to 'soup' them (offer a broth of chicken and warm water) after giving kibble.
It takes 5 - 5 gallon buckets of soup to water the kennel, so souping takes a lot more time and heavy lifting.
Typically by the end of March/beginning of April buckets are back on the houses, but not this year. Even for the last week our nighttime temperatures have dropped to around -10C (12F).

Last night it rained though. Not a heavy rain, just a drizzle, but it was actually rain, not freezing rain, not snow, not hail - that was a good sign that spring might be close!!!
There were a few other 'spring is coming' signs around the yard too.

Most days I've been choosing rubber boots (break up boots, wellies....whatever you want to call them)..over other footwear...

I can finally see the beautiful blue asphalt shingles we had put on the house as the snow was falling last fall....

....and Mark's Stupid Cat has taken his lounge chair out of winter storage...

So I decided today was BUCKET DAY!!!!

I was quickly reminded that winter has not completely gone away yet when I got the ATV stuck on the way up to 'The Bone Yard' to pick up the skidder full of buckets.

The 'Bone Yard' (aka - our 'junk yard')

"Holy Cow this snow is deep", says my assistant

 But we found the buckets all safely wrapped up (I realized the skidder was frozen in and opened the tarps to get buckets before thinking to take a picture).

Of course, the first bucket went to Crunch (I asked him to pose with the bucket, but he rolled his eyes and trotted off).

Then it was remembering to take into account every bodies peculiarities regarding buckets.

Q needs a BIG bucket. He LOVES his water!

Yearlings get metal buckets....

...and then of course, colours need to be properly allocated!

Yes Todd, navy blue is a very dignified and masculine colour!!!

No Wonder, this bucket doesn't make your butt look fat. Black is very slimming!
Bet of course supervised everything!

A few reminders that 'your bucket is not a chew toy' did have to be given...


....and I'm not sure how Missy went from this.... this ..... under 30 minutes, but I'm thinking her muddy little neighbor, Ewok and 'Lake Ewok' had something to do with it!

Don't worry - she has lots of high and dry ground in her run - she just prefers playing in the water!!!!

So there may not be flowers blooming here yet, but the first touches of color are back in dog yard - and my arms can catch a break from carrying buckets!! Phew!!!

Thanks for all your help Bitty!!!

...and yup, both Bit and I are going to need a bath after this dog yard project!

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Too Good To Be True!!

Last night right before dusk I put another block of left over chicken skins in front of the game cam.
I was hoping the late hour might mean that something other then just ravens would find the 'buffet' in the woods - and indeed it did.

It took the coyotes 12 hours to find the meat and when they did they seemed quite suspicious of their windfall and circled it for quite a while before 'digging in'.

But once they decided it was 'okay' they really enjoyed themselves!!

Moments later the ravens caught wind of the party and a bit of a 'stand off' ensued.

I really like this shot with the raven and coyote both 'chattering' at each other.

Sadly at about this point the remaining snacks get dragged out of the picture - but it does appear the ravens might be winning the battle (or maybe the coyotes were full).

And then this guy showed up ....

...and it was all over but the clean up....

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Bet and I Threw A Party!!!

(Or - how to dispose of 40lbs of 'leftover' meat in under 12 hours!)

Bet and I threw a party the other day.

We laid out the snacks and sent the invitations.

And then waited.....

There is always one that shows up early.....

A few hours later the party was in full swing...

No one even minded when the magpies showed up!!

Things went on well into the evening with eating, drinking and even a bit of dancing!!!

A few guests stayed far too late, but that is always the case, isn't it??

Finally the food was gone and everybody left...

"Hey, who had a party and didn't invite us???"

And then everything was done and the woods back to normal.

Well, as soon as Bet sleeps off the effects of the late night!!

I told her those ravens were trouble!!!!